13 December 2010

Interior Designing

This caught my attention interior design business cards. I am going to browse the net in order for me to know more about this interior design business card because I want to have one.
I guess its time for me to put some art let me start in my room. I would probably start during this coming Christmas vacation. Well, Let me explore first and get to know more about this card and how would I be able to benefit from it.
Are you interested in this too? I noticed or well, looking at this present scenario people really don’t mind about their interior design as long as they can see it as it is, its fine to them for some reasons like busy at work or really doesn’t have the drive to design but to me, it can’t be. I really should put more effort because I love designing in the first place. It is this way that I can express my feeling or the mood that I have for the day. After which it gets me relaxed and well, gets me inspired. However, we cannot blame people nowadays because aside from time constraints we also have the financial aspect to consider because when we plan about this it definitely needs cash so, people tend to buy first their priorities.
I hope I could get the most of it.


12 December 2010

when can I relax?

I am very much happy to catch another opportunity. I was feeling hopeless almost a month. I get so impatient easily but well I really can't get much chance browsing the net because Audrey needs my attention while I'm at home. Blessed to grab one and hoping can grab another after this. I really need something I could pay more attention.....hmm.. whaaaat??

Well few days ago, I took pictures of Audrey but we're just around the house. I let her wore her new shirt and new pink pinky shoes. Her hair was actually wet but I can't help myself but get pictures of her.  Failed to send her to mall or parks in the nearby cities. I just wanted to be at home. But seeing the pictures now  I was thinking of this.. How I wish I could accompany her to the known  static caravan parks where we can enjoy together. We can relax and we can have the so-called bonding. I am feeling tired of going out during that time. I just wanted to be at home. However, even if I'm busy at work I would still want to spend sufficient time for my baby. Her Dad isn't around so I must be doing a double role now.

She's really growing so fast. I can even talk to her seriously though I know She doesn't even have any idea about what I'm talking about but when I talk she listens. She's my girl.. definitely  my lovely girl, my angel. She completes me, she inspires me.. I'm praying that as she grows she would stay sweet and obedient. 


26 November 2010

they were once the world to us .. then it happened, we grew up..

It's about our parents..

I was thinking that in reality a certain gap happens not only between us and our own kid but also between US and our own parents. From birth we have lived under their rules. They were the world to us then it happened we grew up.

 When we step into another stage of our lives (whether its's career, starting a family or going through a major change...) we often feel that we are independent enough to make our own decisions.
We commonly believe that our parents expects that they should be able to think like we do and when conflicts arise, we test or evaluate them from our own perspective of how an adult should behave.

Imagine a shelf already filled with books. when new books start to arrive, and space has to be made for them on that shelf, what happens? Whether you remove the old books or retain your favorites, still, some books must go. Some of us may have unconsciously likened the old and less favorite books to our own parents..

We sometimes take them for granted, without considering that at their age, they have worries too: health, memory gaps, and even less mobility.. there are a lot of things they can't do anymore. They can look back on their lives, how they fared in their youth, maybe even feel some regret. In all this, whether they admit it or not, they turn to us for comfort.

They may not be the decision makers anymore, but our parents still wish to be heard and acknowledged. If they tend to be tactless and callous, it's because they feel left out. Even in their infirmity, they hope they remain a vital presence in our lives...


22 November 2010

baby feeding

I am surprise on how Audrey learned to eat by herself. Look at the evidences. I just got it lately. Actually, she started doing this while she's 1 year & 3 mos. old. I have not trained her to do these but maybe because kids like her age are very curious on their surroundings and they're known to be the great impersonators so they do what they are seeing. 

How do you train your baby to feed themselves?  I read a while ago that when it’s feeding time, let us take away all toys in front of them. This is reinforce the idea that when it’s time to eat, baby should focus on eating and chewing alone. Give them a small part of biscuit  & put it in their mouth and then put the biscuit on their hand. When they like the taste of the biscuit, they will surely put the biscuit in their hand to their mouth.

Also, I have applied what I have read before which is to eat with your baby. Place them in a high chair and let them see you eat. Babies learn very fast. In no time, they’ll imitate what you’re doing and learn how to feed themselves on their own. Always have a glass of water near your baby and make them drink frequently. You'll see.

Conversely, the development of  babies are different from one baby to another. When your neighbor’s baby learned eating their own at 6 months, you should not be worrying when your baby is not yet holding their feeding bottles at 8 months old. Just be patient enough in training them and let them learn at their own pace.You will be surprised one day just like the way I was surprised.


Effective parenting starts with conversation - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Effective parenting starts with conversation - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos


18 November 2010

New Technology Products

Technology innovates so fast. At present is too high tech. But how do technology changed our lives? There are alot of changes happened. It becomes easier for us to do something or to get something easily done because of technology but have you thought of its effects into human being? 

When we get sick way back 25 years ago our parents, I remember usually  will just give us a hot compress, or we will be massaged and time to rest but as time passes and with technologies existence we are now taking  this so-called Tablet or any type of  medicine  but tablet is most known instrument once we get sick depending on its application which helps us recover from sickness easily. How does medicine in general affects our body? Have you ever wondered what its contents that we are taking? From one sickness to another? When we have cough, headaches, stomachaches, or any kind of aches and even the illnesses that is fatal.

I heard one time somebody shared that if human being is frequently taking medicine it will destroy ones kidney when they get older. Is this a fact? I am afraid that over years of taking medicines there would come a time that it will get back to me might give me a real serious problem. Is there any herbal stuff we could take to cleanse our body from toxic? We should think of something natural to take.



getting another latest mobile phone

Excited for hubby's return. It will take a longer time about 10 more months but I am looking forward to get or receive  his promise. To give you an idea he promised to buy a certain brand new mobile phone somewhere in foreign countries. He will give to me for many reasons. Well, I am thinking of something which is latest right now something that is Nokia touched screen. What do you think?

I am excited thinking to have a Mobile Wallpapers where our faces will be visible to my phone,Audrey, Daddy Janrey and yours truly. I can't deny the fact that I'm getting more excited each time I think about it. I'm sorry but I can't help but feel it.

It doesn't have to be so much expensive but any model that is touched screen mobile phone will do and where I can personalize it. I will be changing my wallpaper each time we have new pictures together. This way, wherever I go they will remind me of their presence. I can see them most of the time even we are in a distance specially in our case where Janrey frequently leave for work. At least, I will get to see him day by day..each time the phone is with me. I hope it will just be simple yet useful. Do you like to change your mobile wall paper each you have new cutie pictures?

I am looking forward for it. I will soon post a picture of it. Hoping for it.


making sense out of nothing at all

I am running out of time now. My baby just go to bed and here I am now rushing to grab some opps. I wish to grab at least 2. How was your day by the way? I have a tiring day. I was busy at work I prepared a certain report fortunately I was able to finish it. 

I have just read this Chinese drywall lawyer. What comes to your mind? My brain isn't running well. Maybe I'm too much tired from work and I don't get enough sleep because being so busy with this blogging stuff. 

How is things going with you? I am missing my hubby to be so much. I hope he will call tonight. I'd like to hear his voice and share something to him. The last time he called was last Sunday when Audrey and I went to Susana Homes Subdivision to visit her "Lola & Lolo" also her Aunties & Uncles. It's still Thursday, I think I can expect another call later on maybe this Sunday again.

Nothing much to say but good luck for me. I am now so busy at work, doing household chores, baby sitting and grabbing opps, writing some post as well. I go to bed late at night and woke up early morning to prepare Audrey's needs and my preparation before I go to work. And when I'm at work, I couldn't even comb my hair because its too too busy at the office. 

I hope everything is going fine with you there. Bear with my writings. I know this is kind of a boring stuff but I'm really trying so hard to make some sense. I still need a little longer time to adjust and increase my appetite in writing.


17 November 2010

a scent of something ain't good

Been waiting for this I thought I have nothing to get but I was surprised to grab another one.

I am busy chatting with friends when I thought of visiting to see or check if there is something for me and hey I grabbed one. What is this all about scent of marijuana? Do you guys out there tasted or smelled its scent? Can you at least describe ?  Would you want to comment on this? please do.

 What else can I say to this post when my mind is not here. I am actually rushing to cope with the unattended messages left for me from friends who are online. Leaving hundreds of messages. I cannot respond all at once. I hope they can wait. 

Guys out there please do not patronize marijuana otherwise, you will face the consequences.

I am actually tired this day. I had so much work and when I arrive here at home my baby keeps on crying. She wants me to carry her. My gosh! She's kind of a big girl. I cannot afford to carry her for hours. Luckily, she's asleep that is why I can write some blog post. I have grabbed one. Yeahey! more opps please.

To be honest I am running out of words but I hope this will work. see yah!


are you ready to leave?

Indeed life is very important. Would you agree? Few weeks ago  my office mates (ms. weng) mom died. She shared that her mom is a vegetarian, very conscious with what she's eating, very workaholic, and a happy person. They see their mom as very healthy person and they cannot even remember when their mom got sick. The death was really sudden according to them. Before it happened she just woke up and when she stood up she collapsed. They rushed her through the hospital but the doctor declared she's dead on arrival. 

 The family was really hoping and praying for a revival. They could hardly accept the fact that their mom is gone. They have no idea what made her collapsed. When the doctor talked to the family member, he said, your mom has been keeping her illness. She has a heart problem over years and she's been so brave and strong to keep it. No one knew about it even her husband. They all cried and regretted. Cried because they cannot afford to carry the burden of being left. Regretted because they never spent even a short time to bond with her. 

Ms. Weng shared to us that they have not prepared for it both emotionally & financially. Borrowed money to pay for hospital  expenses, preparation for the burial, etc.. they face all of these. 

So now I thought of giving a certain share from my salary this way I can prepare for myself  anytime I left. We will never know when our time is, right? or for my love one. I should Buy Life Insurance now I know this will definitely help me.

I became so afraid of what I heard from their true story. This is a reality that would come no matter how  we deny it. Are you prepared to leave? Are you prepared if one of the family members leave? What can you give? If you're still unprepared, when are you going to prepare? 


16 November 2010

getting the wrong time

I went to bed late last night because I was too busy writing something in my blog. When I woke up I look at our clock and it was 8 AM already.. I get up and took my breakfast. I work so fast to cope with my unattended chores last sunday. I do the laundry around 10 am then showered baby Audrey then let her sleep, I washed her feeding bottles, cleaned our room, etc.. I checked out the clock and its around 11:30 and so I took a bath then went on to computer to write blogs however I noticed that I am getting hungry. I checked out the clock and its like 11:30 still so, I was thinking, 30 minutes more to eat lunch, no second thought I just continue what I was doing until my baby woke up but still the clock says 11:30. It was the only time I realized that it is malfunctioning. oh! 

I should get another clock I guess. Blessed to have this howard miller grandfather clocks  I will check something different and of good quality. I heard this is excellent. 

Time is indeed is important. We should get the right time this way we may able to manage our time..to divide our time with our day to day activities. Try to imagine if you you are not getting the right time? you would just wait and wait until you realize you are too too late.


15 November 2010

Investment Advisory Service

Nowadays we are very much into crisis. What do you think are the reasons behind? The factors that affects our stability? There are a lot of student tried so hard to finished a certain degree and looking forward  to manage a certain business of their own or expecting to be employed  one day. But facing the real world, only few people are given the chance to be hired or are blessed to successfully manage a certain business and get people to work with them. I may not elaborate more on this matter but whatever reasons or factors that affects our economy lets make sure  that we're able to cope and solve our financial problems to whatever strategies we think would help us. We need to make solutions to problems. Lets not stop trying different ways or strategies to resolve it.

Try to save or invest? How is saving differ from investing? Are you well educated about how to invest and how to save? Do you have something to contribute, I mean strategies we could apply in order to generate income or profit? 

How about this Wicked Profits lets see how this works.  This is actually an investment advisory service which focuses in making consistent returns. Should this help us, it depends on one's interest and application. I hope this will make sense to you.


doing the right thing

I have been thinking of so many things on how to spend my leisure time while baby Audrey Venice of mine is asleep.. I get to talked to my long time angel named nova. She's now helping me again and this time I must be sure I could generate an extra income. I hope this will work.

It isn't easy since I am new to this kind of stuff but let me start doing the right thing instead of making my hands busy typing..talking to friends, you know gossip. To start with,  I am now doing something related to this so-called  webhosting what comes to your mind when you read this? do you have any idea about this? Feel free to say something or  raise up questions. It is accepted and appreciated.

Really time runs so fast. I cannot afford to let the time pass without making something useful.. I hope this will be a good start as Nova helps me in this kind of stuff. Hoping I am in the right track now since I learned to finally open the doors for new learning. But surely I will be gaining more advices to her later on  since she's been doing this for years however, I will still need her  help & patience until I stopped asking her questions on what to do, how to do, etc.. She's an expert already.. yeah, she is.  I hope to learn more until I become expert too. Good luck for me should I say.


04 November 2010

Comfortable bed

If you want to sleep through the night without noticing your partner's movement you can find one great bed at rustic bedroom furniture. They have everything you need, from the bed accessories up to the entire room. Check it now!


26 October 2010

Check it online

If you have some series or movies that you miss on television. There is very simple way to get an access into it again. Good thing we have modern technology and the internet for we can get everything online. You will be able to enjoy to Watch TV Shows Online even though you are way behind the series. Still through this ways you can keep up into the updated series. One thing is that it is also less commercial. So that next time that you want to watch movies or tv shows that you missed. Don't hesitate to check it online. 

That's one of my friend is been doing since they don't have cable or subscription to any television. Good thing too because that makes your save money from paying the monthly bills. At least you are watching it online, for free and the only bills you are paying for is the cable bills. 

Go ahead and hope you do find the tv series that you enjoy watching online. 


21 September 2010

Finally a Warm Day

After rain and cold days we have after the summer we finally got one day warm weather. Right after I checked about CAT 2011. The father of the kids that I babysit arrives. So me and my son hit the side road for a walk. I never know how long we walked today because I was really exhausted due to the warm weather. Now, I am not complaining though but sometimes I don't exercise that much.

But inspite of that, we both enjoy the stroll outside I can only wish that there will be more day like this that way we can walk all the way home until winter comes and we all hibernate again. 

Even though I still have fear of crossing the street, I manage to get us home both safe and sound. There are still some nice people who let us cross the street first. But over all I enjoy this day.


16 September 2010

Oh it rained

After days and days of cold, it finally rain for the first time within this week. I don't say I don't like it but it is better than having 50 degree Fahrenheit outside. You can't go out without putting your jacket on and a shoes.  I made a good soup this time and it is a pork stew. I love eating that food plus a rice with it. Very yum. 

While I munching my food on the table I was thinking of buying a nice Contemporary Furniture for our home. It would be nicer to have this kinds of furniture to match what you have and the same time they are pretty nice that your visitors will really appreciate them.

I want to shop online of course, as we only have one car and I can't still drive yet. Might as well go online with the comfort of our home and not getting wet by the rain outside. Add it up into my wishlist and by then if hubby asked me what I want for near occasion then I have one handy.


15 September 2010

Enjoying while Searching

It is not too late yet to go to a summer vacation since some part of the country is still warm. You can still enjoy the warm inviting beach and you can still get a hotel deals. Which isn't bad because they are more cheaper and it will offer you the convenient and comfortable rooms.

If only me, our son and my husband could go and visit other states and live for a day or two using this hot deals, we already take it. This kind of deals is pretty much rare especially if you are looking for a good hotels. Oh I can't wait. And I do hope that by next year they will have this kind of hotel deals, pretty we will get it.

At the same time while enjoying we can search and read more about Wade Grindle MD. It is a doctor that might help us with my husband's health.


11 September 2010

We are in 50'S

Oh no... not the year but our weather. Summer is almost over now and here comes the Fall Season. It starts getting really cold at night. And soon enough no more sleeveless and shorts outside the house. We will starting to wear long sleeves, coats and jackets. So far this day is the chilliest among all other day for the month of September.

By the way, never heard some annoying things from upstairs neighborhood lately. Glad it happens because sometimes whenever I really need a quiet hours for my son's nap no loud bangs that I heard lately. Maybe he finds local girls dating lately too. That's awesome, I just don't know how lonely he'll be just by himself at night. Or maybe he is used to is. But will see what's going on.


09 September 2010

I'm looking

Oh not for me, but for an old friend way back in my hometown. What I am looking for? An online date for her. I know I told myself that whenever I have time, I can look for a nice and decent guy for him. My friend, deserves to have someone to be with her, comfort her and love her not just work, work and work.

She's working in a private University where I worked at before and until now she doesn't have time to mingle or date man for she's really busy with her work responsibilities. Well, I better start it now and before it gets really late for her. I mean when it comes to love the most important part you have to look for a lifetime partner is his attitude. 

I am starting it by looking at south african singles meeting. I do hope that I can find at least some of single men here that is for real. They better be or they'll be reported as fraud. Now I'm even more enthusiast with this.


07 September 2010

What kind of weather

...we have this past few days. After the consecutive rains we have last week finally this day we have a clear and a high of 82F temperature. It will be my chance to go to the store with my son. But for some reason I got hit by laziness. Good thing my SIL and Niece Madi came by to see us. Great to know because I haven't seen Madi for a long time. It's nice to be at home with your in laws and just talk or update each other. Chrissy [another sister in law] came by too since she had the car.

After an hours of them to be here. They decided to left so that my son could have his afternoon nap. Then those are the times that I have to make sure I have taken my shower, clean the house and eat my lunch. Of course I make sure that my son eats first before I do. 

Then I become productive. I decided to make an Anniversary Card for my husband because it will be a smart idea to make one instead of spending my money. At the same time I can make nice Cards such as business cards and I can do a free business card too as a sample to my customers.


02 September 2010

Bacon and Cheese Breakfast and the thought

That is my favorite breakfast every day. I like it much because it has a bacon and cheese and egg inside it. It is not as bulky as you think but its really delicious. 

It all started when my hubby keeps buying this for his everyday breakfast. And he spare one for me. I like eating it until one day we went to the store to buy foods for home. I told him what was the name of the breakfast he's been eating lately. And he finally introduces me with this toast. There is all starts. Now we keep buying this because this I would love to eat for breakfast. I usually don't eat breaky until now. 

While eating this yummy food in my plate and while munching it. I remember the adventures me and my hubby had two years ago. Mountain climbing is one of them and it was so much fun. The Island hopping we did was also amazing. I hope someday when we visit Philippines again. We will able to do more and definitely climb again. Have to make sure too that since I move into a different environment I'll have the same strong Immune Support. Will see. Just can't wait for that day.


30 August 2010

One more day

It is nothing special going to happen on the next day. It is just that after this last day of August. September will comes next. What's in it? The "ber" months will be next and meaning that December is nothing faraway. Time flies so fast, knowing that on the next day it will be the first day of September we won't know that on the next day it will be Christmas. And more holidays is coming by the next and next month.

While outside enjoying the 2 last day of August. I have noticed since I arrived here in US about this Handicap Vans that passes by our house. I told myself, people here are very lucky because there is such a vehicle that suits their needs and will transport them to their destination without experiencing too much hassle. Way  back in my hometown, we don't have those. So for those handicap people who would like to go somewhere and enjoy mother nature. Before they get there, they have to ride on an uncomfortable transportation first. I do hope that someday there will be such a vehicle implemented in my hometown to give comfortability to those handicaps we have.


29 August 2010

Oh Pancit Canton on this furniture....

This is what I had for dinner one night. When all of a sudden I wanted to eat pancit canton because I really misses eating it. I could remember when I was in Philippines that whenever I got tired of making full meal, I will make an instant noodle instead. Enjoying the taste of tangy and yummy I could not ask for more.

This would be much better to have when you have this on a rustic furniture. Of speaking of which, I definitely needed a table where I can put all the baby stuff that we needed instantly. I am glad with the convenient of online shopping I can totally shop without going to the store to look for one the suits my taste.


10 August 2010

Cantaloupe Juice and a coffee

One of my favorite juice that is a homemade. I like cantaloupe so bad since I don't have the scrapper  I decided to just cut them into a small squares put water in a pitcher and then add sugar. 

For best result, better drink them on the next day because you can really taste the cantaloupe juice in the one that I made. 

And for some reason, my partner never likes it at all. I enjoy the whole pitcher for myself.

I was also browsing online one drink that I enjoy is coffee. I want to try the different kind and I might be able to Buy Coffee Online. It will be easiest, convenient for me and for others who can't go out because they don't have a car where they can drive into. I love the gourmet and thank goodness I will have it soon now that you can actually buy one online.


04 August 2010

If you need a lawyer

I must tell you the truth that I never have so many knowledge when it comes to finding a good Austin Injury Attorney to recommend to people who might be needed one. So, I decided to teach myself and make sure that I know where to run into once I need one. I surf online and that is what I found. I have so many resources in that attorney and even reviews from them. They have help so many cases and even give satisfaction to their clients. 

For some reasons, there are so many ways to get injured in this place. Because people just love to be adventurous they will sometimes risk  their health and never looks for what might be the consequences. 

It is really hard to stop people especially when they will think that you are into their business where all you have to do is warn them. Oh well, that's their life the only thing I can do is make sure that whenever they will asked me for help especially when finding a good injury attorney I have a firm to point out too.


03 August 2010

Still Hunting

When you are at home and doing nothing except taking care of your son and becoming a full pledge mother and wife to them? Sometimes you want to experience working from home. It is something that you can earn from. Spend my own money at the same time enjoyed working while I do know that my son is in good hands. I kid you not that it is really hard to find jobs or shall I say legitimate jobs online. There might be spams that will fool you. But I am pretty sure of this one that I found because I research about this and I know that I can trust and hopefully I will be able to get  jobs. I can't wait for another experience and challenge in life I'll be having. Of  course having my son is a great experience, but I want more. I know I should not over work or something but trust me getting a part time job is really fun.

The question is, what will I do if I got hired from one of the company that I was applying with and needs me to be relocate in a different place? That will be another way to compromise with my husband. But for now finding a Chico Apartments isn't bad. It is better to have everything ready before cramming in the last minute.


23 July 2010


Today I woke up super early to give sometime to myself before my son wakes up. I was in the living room didn't  turn the television on because I want some quiet and peaceful place. Aside from that I want to make sure that when my son cries I can hear him. All of a sudden, I heard a scream, I thought it was just outside while the kids neighbor plays. But when the second time around I heard it again. I can clearly notice that the sound comes from upstairs and a male voice. 

Now, I remember my husband told me about what happened to our tenant one day while they are canoeing. He hurt himself accidentally, and he must have done something wrong to himself that he screamed that loud. How can I share this story? He has a space in his house where he has an office space. He had this lateral file cabinets which is perfectly fits in the place. I bet he did that on purpose for he is a person who works in the bank. 


13 July 2010

Day in Erie

With my sisters-in-law were so much fun. We used to do this especially when one of my in-law wants to buy something that she could not find here in our area. Good thing too is that I got to go with my son hanging out with her the whole day which I really find it so awesome. And today, we went to Erie again.

It never happens only once but many times now. And every time I came along with her we end up having so much fun. Shopping is really girls best friend. I love it and I do know that we don't have much room for the things I bought, I was thinking of a Storage Units Los Angeles that I could just rent that way we/I can store my precious things that I still am using without ruining it.

Or maybe, the best idea ever to do. I must tell my husband about this storage, he can rent one for his kiss collection and store it there. The best safest and secure place to store your precious things. I can't wait to tell him, that way I can just hitch into the storage place so I don't need to pay and get one on my own. Who knows, will see about it.


01 July 2010

Wall Stickers

I remember when I was in my High School days. I have so many Wall Stickers with my favorite cartoon characters. My mother was angry with me because I have so many stickers up on the wall which she does not like doing at all. I mean she don't mind it as long as it is all even. But because I have so many cartoon characters those are the kind of stickers I put up. Until one day, she finally decided to paint my room wall in one plain color. She told me that I can still put up stickers as long as it is removable. It is safe to remove without ruining the paint or even leave marks in it. We compromise and yes things works pretty well. I am glad that I am not as fanatic as I was before. Now we might put up wall stickers in our son's future room as a decoration. Because, it would not be nice to look at a plain room. He might love and like it especially it is something that is mostly what boys wants.


29 June 2010


I was planning to buy a log bunk bed for my son. Someday he will be big enough and would not be able to fit in his cradle. Might as well, be get ready for the future. This kind of bed we plan to get for him in the future. They have nice design and our little boy might also like it.

I got to make sure that I will talk this with my husband and before that I will be able to make sure that his room will also be ready before we got his bed. I can't wait. I know I am even more excited for my son. If you want to check it out just follow the link.


26 June 2010

Income is flooding

I thought that since I decided to be a full pledge mother and wife, I won't have any incoming income. Aside from the blogging reviews I'm taking once in a while. We do admit that the opportunity on the blog world recently is not as booming as before. They're might be reviews but yet it is not worth enough to take it. I prayed and prayed that God will help me and give me a sideline here in US. It is way too difficult if you don't have income on your own. I don't want to ask money from my husband because it is awkward for me. 

One day, God has answered my prayers. He used this person to enhance my talent. Manicure and pedicure with a Filipina here and others have noticed the pretty job I made and she eventually told them, that I clean fingers and nails. Now, that they know I work at home, or will soon do home service it would be a good income for me. I will earn money from this, things that I love to do.

I will be able to help my husband in some ways and things at home. Like fixing and getting a san diego wood fence. I want to have a wood fence because neighbors dog always poops in our yard and no matter how I tried to wait I could not see them doing it. Our yard smells dog poops all the time. 


25 June 2010

Loud Bang

One night that our tenant came home apparently very drunk that he didn't noticed how late it was at night. He already made a very loud noise when he climbed the stairs. And when he reached his bathroom, he consistently made again 3 tremendous noise. I don't know what it is but I had enough of it. So, I told my husband to make sure he'll text the tenant and ask him to watch out what he was doing. Because the baby is already sleeping and even if I don't mind it? Now I do because I don't want to scared my son for the reason of the things our tenant chooses to do.

Husband message him, tenant replied back. And in the morning, he came down and apologize I bet he was really embarrassed of the distraction he did that night. I do know that he might not be aware of how loud he can create, but knowing that there are people who live downstairs, very late at night with a baby. It is a common sense to give respect, I don't care what he will do but please for the baby's sake try not to create extra noises as possible. Okay enough of it.

The next thing that I would like that we have is a playground. Seeing that our son is growing so fast, and he is an outside door kind of kiddo I told my husband to have a playground in our empty backyard. He will be needing a Playground Equipment to build a swing, slide or just something where our son can enjoy spring, summer and fall. This is a good way to introduce to our son the outdoor activity he can do before snows hits our place.


12 June 2010

He was really loud

I know I am venting with our tenant here. But what can you expect when they don't know how loud they were if you aren't telling them. I know we need money to save and pay for mortgage. This is also what my partner told me that we have to deal with once we will start having tenant upstairs.

I remembered, at first I was so excited to have someone living upstairs that way when my husband is at work during Saturday Night I have some company at home. Although, the person is upstairs we won't be just by ourselves. It is kinda freaky too you know.

Now, I didn't know that it will be loud and gets louder than I thought. Oh well, all I got to do is just vent. I have to move on with this situations. 

We went upstairs to check what did our tenant do on his new place. I have seen that he still needs a Office Chairs because he has his computer upstairs and I think in my opinion that he is doing some works at  home too. Maybe I can recommend him to visit this website.


07 June 2010

We have a tenant

After months and months that our upstairs is empty since my sister in law move to their own house.  Good thing because it will help us pay our mortgage at home and it will help us save big. We didn't ask for a big rent just something that will pay the monthly payment. Which is really nice because it is a very decent place upstairs and plus we are the owner we tend to attend anything that will needs to be fix. 

So far, so good nothing problems occurs yet. Since we have a bachelor which is my husband's co-worker in the company he is working now. We don't have problems like he will not going to ruin the place or so. And we are hoping that too.

I have no clue what is going on upstairs because that is not our business. We are just happy that we will have someone who will going to help us pay the house mortgage. Now will we are watching television and trying to hang out here, I have notice something about Video Production Austin TX.  Pretty much interesting and I have read more about it. Hopefully that I'll be more interested and know facts about video production. Who knows someday if I have enough money we can invest and produce in a video that is worth to do for.


04 June 2010

No more updates

Lately I have not updated this blog due to some very personal matter. I decided not to elaborate everything here. But now that I am back and I know exactly what to share here. I will be keep updating this blog as much as I can.

It will also be easier for me to update this since I have a new toy now that makes everything easy. It is not that simple to be a full time mother, take care of your son and making sure that you keep an eye on him.

Finally, we have brought this new toy to make things even more simple. I guess to share and send a thank you cards to those people who encourage me more to take care of this blog. Inspite of the hectic schedule that I have, I will take the risk and will try it once again. I do hope it will work out and will not left this blog empty handed again.


18 May 2010

He needs a massage

Due to the in-demand at work, my husband was working more over time doing his job. Even though he would love to finish everything on his own, he has to double check the work of his co-worker because it's a newbie. Now I have to understand his nature of work and its demand so although he gets home sometimes late and tired to spend time with us. I have to accept that he is doing his best to give us a wonderful life. Sounds not easy at all? I know, and have to be patients about it.

Now every time he comes home from work, he shares about what a long day or wet day or tireful day he has at work. I have to know exactly what's going too, why is this and why is that. And it will end up that he hurts his hands, his back is hurting. As a loving wifey, I have to make sure that I have given him enough care and love. So even though he won't ask for a massage I offered him to give him a massage because for sure that's what he would love to have to calm his muscles and have a good night rest. 

In order for me to do so I have to use  tamanu oil benefits I'm pretty sure that this would help me rub his back without ripping it or giving him too much pain.


03 May 2010

How to Entertain myself

Sometimes being at home is kinda routinely and you get bored. I don't usually wait to get that point. That is why, I make sure that I have things to do in line on my list. So that I won't get bored while my son is napping. Aside from cleaning the house all the time, I also go online blogging, or even find websites that could give me a fun things to do. Such as a funbrain. Find it very much amusing and yes, I even bookmark the website that way i don't need to do the procedures over and over again. Whenever I have time I just go to my bookmark tab and click the website and instantly it directs me to the page that I would like to go with.

Now, how to entertain myself even though I have a routinely chores/works at home? Simply I go online and makes sure that i be more resourceful to find things to do.


Spring Clean up

Yesterday, Sunday was the schedule of our Spring clean up here. I got up too early as my son wakes me up too early and don't want to go back to bed. No choice, but to get my butt up and stay in the living room. It's fine we play along until he gets tired and took his nap.

Was waiting for my hubby to wakes up. During weekend I don't usually wakes him up because that is the only time that he sleeps longer in the day. But this time, it was until 12 noon. I only got 4 hours sleep and yet he managed to sleep for more than the required sleep time which is 8 hours. Blame it to our dinner banquet the night before? I don't think so.

We started cleaning up. Or I shall say he starts to do laundry, went to the basement and get all those unwanted things we are going to put away. Went to the attic and got some clothes to sort out too so I can send some in the Philippines.

The cleaning with the unwanted things ended around 6pm. Good thing we don't have the much stuff to sort out next. What would be the next thing to do? To make sure that we'll do the wood shutters soon.


26 April 2010


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24 April 2010

Daryl Lorette Cafe

Following A World Of Good News!


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22 April 2010

G1BO or NoyNoy?


18 April 2010

I have a goal

This year is to be able to get my driver's license. I know, I should have thought about that before I have the baby. I do admit I procrastinate a LO! There I finally admit it. So anyways, that is the main gold I have aside from making sure that I brought up our kid in the right path, won't miss the single things he does.

In order to achieve that goal, I went online to answer the online quiz we have on the website. It was my friend who told me that who just got her driver's license this year. Is to go online and keep taking the exam  because they'll just the same as what the Department of Motor Vehicles will going to give me once I'm in the office.

I am right now, got not more than 6 mistakes which is good and the mistakes gets lesser by each Chapter. That means, I am learning about the traffics and rules that I should abide here.

Wish me luck!


Where to buy cheapseat tickets

Me and hubby used to go to concerts, and other events on our favorite artist since I got here. He surprises me by buying tickets on a concert that I want to go. Where did he purchase this tickets? He never leave the house for this instead he went online and makes sure he got a cheap seats deal the tickets that he'll be buying.

I can also recommend him the website where I recently discover so he can take a good look on the tickets for the famous Calgary Flames Tickets, Spiderman Tickets which we both love the see the most and the very exciting Nassau Coliseum Tickets can all be find on this website.

It is better to get a great deal a cheap seat with your tickets which you can only happen when you go and buy it at acheapseat.com. See this is why my husband would like me to surf or browse online because I gave him updates and options where to buy what.   


16 April 2010

A Web Hosting

I am still debating by myself if whether to get this blog a web hosting or not. I guess I got to try to gain the PR back from Google. Well see if I need to get a new name or not. It might take a while and sacrifices but I got to do this first before moving on.

But checking this webhosting from this website makes me wonder and excites more to get a hosting from them. Not only that I would have information with the high hosting with great deals from it too. I mean, who would like that? Buying a web hosting rating and get your web hosting directory? That's amazing.

Just like I said earlier, I am still in the stage on debating myself on whether to get one or not. I do have the resources now, what about you? If you want to buy a web hosting and would like to know about it first, just don't forget to visit the website first.


13 April 2010

I Resigned

I have been mentioning that I will be quitting my job right after I give birth. Well that didn't happen right away, because I must submit a 2 weeks notice for a formal and professional manner on leaving your employer. One of the good thing that we did professionally. So for that 2 weeks notice I only worked for at least 6 days. At first I requested for cut of hours and only night shift til 9pm but due to business needs they can't accept my request. I asked for Monday, Tuesday and Saturday shift and right away they gave it to me. The question is, when I am at work earning, who is going to watch the baby? One main question, my in laws offered to watched him and I'm very much overwhelmed of the support they give. But I do know that they have their own lives and family to attend too. I just don't want to asked them always to watch for my own kid whereas I can watch it on my own. 

I do know that it is way too difficult here especially when you don't have your own family to be there for you because they were just 9 thousand miles away from you. So I made a big decision and leave the working place to raise my son on my own.


07 April 2010

ALL Gone

We all know that Mr. G has updated its pagerank again. And sad to say that I am one of those people's blog who were affected by the updates. I lose it and I don't know what else to do to get it back. I did my best to post unique entry and I do know that I am luck of encouragement to other bloggers to hop in my blog. My fault for the lose of the important thing that brings you more opportunity to earn income online.

Enough for blaming myself and my lack of participation to gain and maintain that pagerank. What else I can do? when they took it away is to make sure that I gain it back. I have to make sure to update as often as I can and encourage other people to visit my page. 

What about you? Have you got a good news from Mr. G?


06 April 2010

CD & DVD Burner

We have decided to bought this software at walmart, thinking this might be the software needed to burn DVD's. I am not sure if it is because for some reason, when I tried to burn image into DVD I couldn't find the extension of the pictures on the folder where I kept them. This guide? Is pretty much useless. I am not recommending this software if you need one for your writer, go by NERO. I am looking online where I can purchase the software or maybe the whole item. This one? Not good this isn't the burner that you think that it is. And we just wasted our $30.00 to purchase this one.


01 April 2010

Chiropractor is what I need

After giving birth to a very healthy baby boy 2 months ago. My body needs to be heal and at the same time getting a Utah chiropractor is what can helps me align those bones that was dis aligned during the delivery. All pregnant women should be able to visit a chiropractor to help them feel better and get their bones back to where it belongs. Because we don't know, mostly of us are not experts when pushing the baby out of this world. Especially when it is your first child. It is really different and all those bones, muscles and forces you needed must be exerted during that time. 

I have a friend who went to her chiropractor after a week that her doctor told her she can go. Never hesitated to visit and now she's feeling even better and as if nothing hurts on his whole body. So she recommended and told me to make sure that I asked my doctor when would be the time that I could go and visit a chiropractor. Thanks to my friend for the advice I am now feeling better than ever.


Entrecard Droppers for March

I thank you for the drops once again. Every last day of the month is one way of showing the gratitude we have for those who dropped in our blog. And today I am thanking them all they are;

Lakbay Philippines
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Banner Stand

I must look online for a nice and cheap banner stands. I tried looking it up in the stores we have here but I was unfortunate enough not to find any at all. I can use this on every occasion or event my family will be having here. It would be awesome too if you have a nice banner stand to hold your banner. Because it is portable and comfy to look at, not just having trouble looking for and empty spot to hang your banner. Or even clear that area to make sure we have room for the banner. What if we are outside? The event is an outdoor? there is no way that you just need to put up a tent for the sake of having a spot for the banner. Like I said, this is one great convenient stand to use and can reuse on every banner to hang on this. They have so many variety to choose from. So it would be up to the customer on what kind of style would they prefer. I guess I better start do my shopping now since my son is getting bigger and bigger and the more he grow the more event we are going to have at home.


31 March 2010

Gotta be quick

I am referring to myself. I got to be quick in the paid post giving online to the websites I subscribe. Asking why? Because I am jobless now. I choose this heartily and in order to get a sideline income. The only way is to accept paid reviews. I have to make sure that I have a good PR and make sure that my other blogs will gain PR's too. Getting a higher PR is a good chance that you are getting more paid reviews with a higher payment too. So I got to be quick and make sure that I have done it all right so that I don't need to keep redoing the entry.


satellite internet providers

I don't know with you but for me getting a faster internet fast is what I aiming to have in the future. Once I got an extra incoming I am getting a satellite internet service providers. This would make everything even more easier for my blogging and surfing at the same time a clearer way for me to get connected with my family, You see we communicate using this device that I bought online. It is working pretty well and in order for them to get a hold of me every time they call me is to get a faster internet connection. I can't blame my husband for choosing a poor provider, lousy customer service. Before we switch on getting a satellite providers we have to make sure that we have read the previews or reviews from those people who actually subscribe. I don't want to blame myself either because for some reason, I want to make sure that before we do the big choice. Double checking is a must. 

So, I go to their website myself and read and information they provided. Get the advantages and benefits they could give me, when I choose to subscribe. So far so good and I am counting on it. What about you? Do you want to try subscribing to a satellite internet providers?


30 March 2010

Census 2010

Did you get your form? Have you filled it out and mailed it back? We did. Me and my son were finally counted in this place. This only happens every 10 years right? Why don't you filled out your Census form now, be counted and mailed it back. This would help the government increases the benefits that we should be getting from them from the taxes that we pay monthly.


Business thoughts

Now that after today I am no longer employed. I was having business thoughts to make sure that even though I am a full time mother and wife. I have this sideline where I earn money on my own, at home taking care of my son. What kind of business thoughts is that? A very good question. I have this talent as I must say it that I love to design, create my own unique style and this time not just in regards with internet blogging but this time it is about making a custom post-it notes. That's right. Customizing your own post-it notes is totally such a cool idea. I love it, especially when you make a note and stick it on the wall, fridge or at work it would not be those boring plain post it notes. This time you would love to keep looking on those notes even though they are list of errands or works to be accomplished because there is a design that you customize on it. It makes the work environment lighter. And it is not just all about words, words, and more words, you can see creative designers who make those post it look even better. And that is what I have in mind, I can see it to my previous employer's employee as I do have way of connecting with them. Who knows this might be hit and it might be the start of my success.


This is it

This isn't Michael Jackson's movie, but this is it for me. The last day at work. Last night was kinda awkward for me because for some reason, I am absent minded. I don't know what's going on. Maybe I am just excited to finished the night and wanting to be on the next day. I don't blame myself of the luxurious that I choose. This isn't something that you can't repeat in your life. Because every kid that you have will have different stories. First born child is very much interesting, not that second to last kid isn't. Like I said every kid will have different experiences. As this is my first time to be a mother, and I want to make sure that I have given the attention, care and love to my child as what my mother did for me? I will take risk and never exchange this feelings for anything else. I want to make sure the my child will be taken care off just like me when I was a little.

And as for work? I might have difficulty to look for another one in the future or not. Because of the down crisis of economy. I will not regret this decision and will cherish the moments I have with my child. And I can't wait to just hang out with my son 24/7.


What hosting to get

Again this is a battle between getting a good domain for my blogs or not. I know I have been mentioning mostly in my post regarding having a new domain. It will totally a big hassle for me because, aside from making sure that I have changed the links that I had I must not forget to tell all my friends about me new domain. I don't know what to do.

Now, I have to really think this twice, there are so many advantage when you have your own hosting too. You can sell with it, make it as your business web hosting. I am sure there are many bloggers who are going to buy domain from me. I have to compose myself first before the final decision. I have to make sure that once I am focus with business web hosting, having a new computer or laptop would be a big help. Or shall I say I needed a laptop, because it is comfy and I can take it anywhere in the house as we are WIFI connected. Though, I know where to get a good web hosting online. I have to make sure that thing is settle down.

If you want to buy web hosting and you can't wait til when I will start my business so you could buy a domain from me? Just visit webhostinggeeks.com it will show you the top hosting you can choose from that would be good for your business or for you hobbies.


29 March 2010

One Day Left

And I am jobless... it is not because I got fired, it is because I choose to resigned from my recent employer to be a full time mother to our first born son. It is a very difficult decision to make but I have to choose what is the most priority and important to me. My son, his health and I want to make sure that I am always there anytime 24/7.

Also, I am excited to leave that place. I don't know I feel like some people were not as honest/true as I thought they are. I can see fake faces all over, jealousy and more. I can't stand staying to that kind of company. I would rather enjoyed my days without salary with my son than facing problems that causes me heart attacks sometimes. Just kidding. 

So, anyways, I'll be out of that place and Thank God!  


28 March 2010

An online tutor

When I was on my schooldays I never heard about an online tutorial before. It should be direct person to person. If your tutor have so many kids that he or she help with, then you have to wait. But it is way too different now. A much modern ways to get a tutorial from someone without living your premises, stay in your comfort zone and learn one on one from the online tutor. 

I have to admit that I am not really into a Chemistry person. I need Chemistry help so bad, because it confuses me about the formulas and the signs of the chemicals. Now, it is pretty easy if you have your Chemistry problems, the online tutors will help you give your Chemistry answers. Explains you everything, step by step if a must so you will be able to learn and remember how everything happens. 

It won't be difficult for the younger generations now because, all they have to do is go online type  www.tutorvista.com, sign up and get your own tutorial online. Knowing that they can server you 24/7. That means wherever you are on this earth what time are you in. They are 24/7 open to help you with the Chemistry and Physics problems.


Back to Work

Yup, after a 8 weeks off from work and on my maternity leave. I went back to work last March 22nd. The feeling isn't as excited as before. Why? Because I won't see my precious son for 8 hours and all I have to do is work and work and work. I can't take it and I don't want to miss everything on him It is our first son and even if he is the 15th child we have. Every child is different and I don't want to miss those things. I want to enjoy him while I can, because soon when they grow up. They will have their own lives and own family it would be totally different. Anyways back to work. I thought I've forgotten what I have been doing because its 8 weeks of no job at all. But no, I'm a pro I guess because after reading all the updates that needs to be read. I am back to business again. Everyone on the floor didn't know that I'm back to work already. Others were happy to see me back too. Asking about how's the baby, experiences and etc. I'm glad I have known this nice people in your job. But overall, I still miss my son.


26 March 2010

Saving Energy

I have been seeing on the commercials on television on how to save energy and how to make your home more energy efficient.How they encourage people or the viewers to save energy and thought little children to consume proper energy to save the planet earth. I love it and it touches me because the younger generation really are into it. I mean, this people teaches younger generations on to conserve energy and not destroying mother nature. Energy saving is not that hard. It is very simple and just by saving your energy at home, it helps you also save money to those electronics that you don't usually use. For example the computer, if you don't use it don't leave it on. Or just turn off the monitor if you are working and wanting not to shut down your computer. That is what we did at home. Since our telephone is hook with the computer and needs an internet access in order for the calls to get through. We leave the CPU on and just turns off the monitor that way if we wait for a call it can get through. Turn off those home appliances that was never use. Like I said not only that it saves you money, you also helps saving energy and saves earth by turning it off and just turn it on once you use it. 

If you want to learn more about saving energy  or on how to save your home energy. I do know a website that would be very much happy for you to participate and sign up with them. It will helps you learn how to save energy. Don't worry it is absolutely free. I went there and read, I do have fun knowing all this informations about saving mother nature. If you are curious? and would love to know more? Please visit their website now and sign up for free. Be one of us now.


19 March 2010

March Madness

Are you into basketball? If you are please don't hesitate to participate in my conversation.


What do you think of the new dNeero homepage?

A new design and fancy graphics of dneero website? What do you think? Needs your opinion and don't hesitate to share it with me here.


16 March 2010

Walls Clocks

Aside from the wall pictures, another thing that I am amazed to watched and listen is our wall clocks. I like to listen to the sound it creates the ticking of those hands and pointing what a fast days we have lately. Those are the kind of things that I enjoyed when you have wall clocks. I love them I must say and I want to buy another one for our dining room that way, if it just me who eats meal I can hear the ticking of the clock and makes me think and remember things from my childhood past. It is a nice and memorable memories I would love to reminisce. 

Walls clocks never fades as I have noticed, for the reason that even modern house they would still have wall clocks inside their house. I guess that also added the beauty of a living room, it would be best if you do have the nice antique wall clock that was passed in the generations. If you would like to get your own antique clock and want to add it in your living room decor, the best website where you can check and shop is www.1-800-4clocks.com. You won't regret it. They have plenty of variety you can choose from.  


Manny Pacquiao's Fight

Another fight of Manny Pacquiao over Clottey was held last March 14, 2010. I imagine that most people on Philippines had stopped what they are doing in order to watched and witnessed another amazing fight this legend of  boxing can do and will do to give honor to our beloved country. As expected the fight last until 12 rounds. I would not blame those challenger if they would do their best not to be knocked out and instead just lost the fight by points. It would be an honor for them, to reached that far and got the chance to witness and deal with PacMan's left hand.

I'm so happy and excites over the whole fight/event. And another day has pass that pacman gathers his fellow Filipino to support and be as one who brings the country's dignity.

Mabuhay ka PacMan!


13 March 2010


I have found this nice, cute and adorable  Winther Tricycle online while I was checking out my son's future educational toys. I was so excited to see more of the different style Winther website got. I can't wait for buy one for my sone and I can't wait to see him ride on this tricycle. He would surely treasure and would love to ride and use this one. This is really handy and I just fell in love with the designs they have online. I wanted to buy all but my son could only use one of them.

I am pretty much excited to see him on this and how he manage to hit it. This  reminds me of  my childhood days. When I got my own tricycle that my brothers and sister leaned on me. I was really excited and would get up early in the morning to practice and just rode on it, until I finally knows how to drive on that thing. 

I can't wait to take pictures and keep it on his scrapbook and showed it here as well as to my family in Philippines. If you would like to buy something for your child, try to visit the website now. Now I know what to give him once he will be capable on driving and having this one...


12 March 2010

Sunny Week

I really love our weather last week and earlier this week. Everything is soooo sunny as if it is spring. But then again Winter isn't over yet. My hubby told me that it might snowing this weekend which really sucks because I don't want to have anymore snows on the ground. I can see green grasses now and the spring flowers were not sprouting. I am very excited to see the colorful place we have with the flowers and the green trees. Not just black and white color. I wish and I wish and I really wish that no more snow and let us welcome the sunny sun up in the sky.


Will I travel soon?

That is one of the question I have in mind. Now that I have a little boy and traveling is hassle for now. I have a question in mind, if will I travel anytime soon? I could not answer anything for now. Have to make sure we have enough money for the fare and for the things we have to pay for. Since it may take a while for the whole family to visit Philippines back, I have another issue first before I have to make sure that I accomplish. My passport renewal, and my conditional renewal. So many things to do this year and on the next incoming year. But it doesn't mean that I have to stop searching for a great deal of our fare. Who knows I might find and be lucky enough to get a good deal for the three of us. And would take the chance before somebody else will.

Aside from the plan to visit the Philippines, I would love to see other side or states of US too. So while browsing/ searching one of the destination we have is South Carolina. So I got this deal of Greenville SC travel. Amazing and I do hope that by the time we have enough money for the vacation. We can still get this offer. For now, I must not have to give up and continue.


11 March 2010

Got Denied

A month ago before my maternity leave starts. I have already submitted the request of change of my schedule due to no babysitter. It is different here in US and hard if you don't have a relative close to you where you can trust to watch for your child. It is not that I don't trust daycare I would just rather trust my own relatives than other people. Especially when it comes to an infant/children. 

Anyways, I called and ask for a follow up regarding my request and to my dismay it was denied due to business needs. What I was really disappointed, I don't want to lose my part time job but at the same time I don't want to jeopardized my son too. Gotta compromised with another schedule and hopefully they'll at least give it to me for now. I feel bad, but hey! who am I to bug them? Well see what's gonna happen.


Would love to change my mailbox

Have you heard about the house mailboxes and what does it help with you. Maybe because it is not as common as the other mailbox where it is all plain and metal. Not into this one, I was planning to change our mailbox sometime soon and put it beside our porch that way Mr. Mailman would see it right away.

Ecco E6 Locking Victorian Wall Mount Mailbox

Aside from the new design of these wall mount mailbox. They are also safe and free from getting by in any change that there'll be rain. And even if the big boxes would not fit into this dazzling wall mount mailboxes which by the way I have chosen. They can leave the big boxes of packages right next to the mailbox.

That way it won't be lost or stolen while we are not at home yet. If you would love to buy a new mailbox to improvised your yard? I recommend you to shop at eccomailbox.com.


07 March 2010

I plan to study again

After the busy days that I have experienced with my son and in the future. I was planning to take a social worker course. I want to help and be part of the community just like other people do, to those who needed help the most. Not only financially but emotionally too. I want to help this people and be at least part of them. It is very different here in US, after I gave birth to my son. I have been receiving calls from a social worker and consistently asking me on how am I and my son doing lately? Isn't that a nice job? You work and help others and makes sure they are alright?

This reminds me also when my father told me to take social worker course instead of the one that i got. I didn't appreciate before because I have no clue on what they do? Now, I do have a full idea on what it does and how can I also help other people. I do plan to go back to school and get a social worker course and hopefully by then I will be able to pass the social work test or exam. And start helping other people.


Helps heals a sore nipple

This is my best friend lately. It helps me a lot to keep my breast from being sore after my son latched on it. So, even though I am still in the process of healing from the sore breast. It really helps me a lot when I put this on and it relieves the pain that I feel.

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