06 April 2010

CD & DVD Burner

We have decided to bought this software at walmart, thinking this might be the software needed to burn DVD's. I am not sure if it is because for some reason, when I tried to burn image into DVD I couldn't find the extension of the pictures on the folder where I kept them. This guide? Is pretty much useless. I am not recommending this software if you need one for your writer, go by NERO. I am looking online where I can purchase the software or maybe the whole item. This one? Not good this isn't the burner that you think that it is. And we just wasted our $30.00 to purchase this one.

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ethanINOSENTE 07 April, 2010 06:58  

Oh my thanks for the warning, I was looking online also for a software

I'm actually going to replace my Nerolite program burner, or my whole computer rather that is why I'm going to update Softwares

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