31 March 2010

Gotta be quick

I am referring to myself. I got to be quick in the paid post giving online to the websites I subscribe. Asking why? Because I am jobless now. I choose this heartily and in order to get a sideline income. The only way is to accept paid reviews. I have to make sure that I have a good PR and make sure that my other blogs will gain PR's too. Getting a higher PR is a good chance that you are getting more paid reviews with a higher payment too. So I got to be quick and make sure that I have done it all right so that I don't need to keep redoing the entry.


satellite internet providers

I don't know with you but for me getting a faster internet fast is what I aiming to have in the future. Once I got an extra incoming I am getting a satellite internet service providers. This would make everything even more easier for my blogging and surfing at the same time a clearer way for me to get connected with my family, You see we communicate using this device that I bought online. It is working pretty well and in order for them to get a hold of me every time they call me is to get a faster internet connection. I can't blame my husband for choosing a poor provider, lousy customer service. Before we switch on getting a satellite providers we have to make sure that we have read the previews or reviews from those people who actually subscribe. I don't want to blame myself either because for some reason, I want to make sure that before we do the big choice. Double checking is a must. 

So, I go to their website myself and read and information they provided. Get the advantages and benefits they could give me, when I choose to subscribe. So far so good and I am counting on it. What about you? Do you want to try subscribing to a satellite internet providers?


30 March 2010

Census 2010

Did you get your form? Have you filled it out and mailed it back? We did. Me and my son were finally counted in this place. This only happens every 10 years right? Why don't you filled out your Census form now, be counted and mailed it back. This would help the government increases the benefits that we should be getting from them from the taxes that we pay monthly.


Business thoughts

Now that after today I am no longer employed. I was having business thoughts to make sure that even though I am a full time mother and wife. I have this sideline where I earn money on my own, at home taking care of my son. What kind of business thoughts is that? A very good question. I have this talent as I must say it that I love to design, create my own unique style and this time not just in regards with internet blogging but this time it is about making a custom post-it notes. That's right. Customizing your own post-it notes is totally such a cool idea. I love it, especially when you make a note and stick it on the wall, fridge or at work it would not be those boring plain post it notes. This time you would love to keep looking on those notes even though they are list of errands or works to be accomplished because there is a design that you customize on it. It makes the work environment lighter. And it is not just all about words, words, and more words, you can see creative designers who make those post it look even better. And that is what I have in mind, I can see it to my previous employer's employee as I do have way of connecting with them. Who knows this might be hit and it might be the start of my success.


This is it

This isn't Michael Jackson's movie, but this is it for me. The last day at work. Last night was kinda awkward for me because for some reason, I am absent minded. I don't know what's going on. Maybe I am just excited to finished the night and wanting to be on the next day. I don't blame myself of the luxurious that I choose. This isn't something that you can't repeat in your life. Because every kid that you have will have different stories. First born child is very much interesting, not that second to last kid isn't. Like I said every kid will have different experiences. As this is my first time to be a mother, and I want to make sure that I have given the attention, care and love to my child as what my mother did for me? I will take risk and never exchange this feelings for anything else. I want to make sure the my child will be taken care off just like me when I was a little.

And as for work? I might have difficulty to look for another one in the future or not. Because of the down crisis of economy. I will not regret this decision and will cherish the moments I have with my child. And I can't wait to just hang out with my son 24/7.


What hosting to get

Again this is a battle between getting a good domain for my blogs or not. I know I have been mentioning mostly in my post regarding having a new domain. It will totally a big hassle for me because, aside from making sure that I have changed the links that I had I must not forget to tell all my friends about me new domain. I don't know what to do.

Now, I have to really think this twice, there are so many advantage when you have your own hosting too. You can sell with it, make it as your business web hosting. I am sure there are many bloggers who are going to buy domain from me. I have to compose myself first before the final decision. I have to make sure that once I am focus with business web hosting, having a new computer or laptop would be a big help. Or shall I say I needed a laptop, because it is comfy and I can take it anywhere in the house as we are WIFI connected. Though, I know where to get a good web hosting online. I have to make sure that thing is settle down.

If you want to buy web hosting and you can't wait til when I will start my business so you could buy a domain from me? Just visit webhostinggeeks.com it will show you the top hosting you can choose from that would be good for your business or for you hobbies.


29 March 2010

One Day Left

And I am jobless... it is not because I got fired, it is because I choose to resigned from my recent employer to be a full time mother to our first born son. It is a very difficult decision to make but I have to choose what is the most priority and important to me. My son, his health and I want to make sure that I am always there anytime 24/7.

Also, I am excited to leave that place. I don't know I feel like some people were not as honest/true as I thought they are. I can see fake faces all over, jealousy and more. I can't stand staying to that kind of company. I would rather enjoyed my days without salary with my son than facing problems that causes me heart attacks sometimes. Just kidding. 

So, anyways, I'll be out of that place and Thank God!  


28 March 2010

An online tutor

When I was on my schooldays I never heard about an online tutorial before. It should be direct person to person. If your tutor have so many kids that he or she help with, then you have to wait. But it is way too different now. A much modern ways to get a tutorial from someone without living your premises, stay in your comfort zone and learn one on one from the online tutor. 

I have to admit that I am not really into a Chemistry person. I need Chemistry help so bad, because it confuses me about the formulas and the signs of the chemicals. Now, it is pretty easy if you have your Chemistry problems, the online tutors will help you give your Chemistry answers. Explains you everything, step by step if a must so you will be able to learn and remember how everything happens. 

It won't be difficult for the younger generations now because, all they have to do is go online type  www.tutorvista.com, sign up and get your own tutorial online. Knowing that they can server you 24/7. That means wherever you are on this earth what time are you in. They are 24/7 open to help you with the Chemistry and Physics problems.


Back to Work

Yup, after a 8 weeks off from work and on my maternity leave. I went back to work last March 22nd. The feeling isn't as excited as before. Why? Because I won't see my precious son for 8 hours and all I have to do is work and work and work. I can't take it and I don't want to miss everything on him It is our first son and even if he is the 15th child we have. Every child is different and I don't want to miss those things. I want to enjoy him while I can, because soon when they grow up. They will have their own lives and own family it would be totally different. Anyways back to work. I thought I've forgotten what I have been doing because its 8 weeks of no job at all. But no, I'm a pro I guess because after reading all the updates that needs to be read. I am back to business again. Everyone on the floor didn't know that I'm back to work already. Others were happy to see me back too. Asking about how's the baby, experiences and etc. I'm glad I have known this nice people in your job. But overall, I still miss my son.


26 March 2010

Saving Energy

I have been seeing on the commercials on television on how to save energy and how to make your home more energy efficient.How they encourage people or the viewers to save energy and thought little children to consume proper energy to save the planet earth. I love it and it touches me because the younger generation really are into it. I mean, this people teaches younger generations on to conserve energy and not destroying mother nature. Energy saving is not that hard. It is very simple and just by saving your energy at home, it helps you also save money to those electronics that you don't usually use. For example the computer, if you don't use it don't leave it on. Or just turn off the monitor if you are working and wanting not to shut down your computer. That is what we did at home. Since our telephone is hook with the computer and needs an internet access in order for the calls to get through. We leave the CPU on and just turns off the monitor that way if we wait for a call it can get through. Turn off those home appliances that was never use. Like I said not only that it saves you money, you also helps saving energy and saves earth by turning it off and just turn it on once you use it. 

If you want to learn more about saving energy  or on how to save your home energy. I do know a website that would be very much happy for you to participate and sign up with them. It will helps you learn how to save energy. Don't worry it is absolutely free. I went there and read, I do have fun knowing all this informations about saving mother nature. If you are curious? and would love to know more? Please visit their website now and sign up for free. Be one of us now.


19 March 2010

March Madness

Are you into basketball? If you are please don't hesitate to participate in my conversation.


What do you think of the new dNeero homepage?

A new design and fancy graphics of dneero website? What do you think? Needs your opinion and don't hesitate to share it with me here.


16 March 2010

Walls Clocks

Aside from the wall pictures, another thing that I am amazed to watched and listen is our wall clocks. I like to listen to the sound it creates the ticking of those hands and pointing what a fast days we have lately. Those are the kind of things that I enjoyed when you have wall clocks. I love them I must say and I want to buy another one for our dining room that way, if it just me who eats meal I can hear the ticking of the clock and makes me think and remember things from my childhood past. It is a nice and memorable memories I would love to reminisce. 

Walls clocks never fades as I have noticed, for the reason that even modern house they would still have wall clocks inside their house. I guess that also added the beauty of a living room, it would be best if you do have the nice antique wall clock that was passed in the generations. If you would like to get your own antique clock and want to add it in your living room decor, the best website where you can check and shop is www.1-800-4clocks.com. You won't regret it. They have plenty of variety you can choose from.  


Manny Pacquiao's Fight

Another fight of Manny Pacquiao over Clottey was held last March 14, 2010. I imagine that most people on Philippines had stopped what they are doing in order to watched and witnessed another amazing fight this legend of  boxing can do and will do to give honor to our beloved country. As expected the fight last until 12 rounds. I would not blame those challenger if they would do their best not to be knocked out and instead just lost the fight by points. It would be an honor for them, to reached that far and got the chance to witness and deal with PacMan's left hand.

I'm so happy and excites over the whole fight/event. And another day has pass that pacman gathers his fellow Filipino to support and be as one who brings the country's dignity.

Mabuhay ka PacMan!


13 March 2010


I have found this nice, cute and adorable  Winther Tricycle online while I was checking out my son's future educational toys. I was so excited to see more of the different style Winther website got. I can't wait for buy one for my sone and I can't wait to see him ride on this tricycle. He would surely treasure and would love to ride and use this one. This is really handy and I just fell in love with the designs they have online. I wanted to buy all but my son could only use one of them.

I am pretty much excited to see him on this and how he manage to hit it. This  reminds me of  my childhood days. When I got my own tricycle that my brothers and sister leaned on me. I was really excited and would get up early in the morning to practice and just rode on it, until I finally knows how to drive on that thing. 

I can't wait to take pictures and keep it on his scrapbook and showed it here as well as to my family in Philippines. If you would like to buy something for your child, try to visit the website now. Now I know what to give him once he will be capable on driving and having this one...


12 March 2010

Sunny Week

I really love our weather last week and earlier this week. Everything is soooo sunny as if it is spring. But then again Winter isn't over yet. My hubby told me that it might snowing this weekend which really sucks because I don't want to have anymore snows on the ground. I can see green grasses now and the spring flowers were not sprouting. I am very excited to see the colorful place we have with the flowers and the green trees. Not just black and white color. I wish and I wish and I really wish that no more snow and let us welcome the sunny sun up in the sky.


Will I travel soon?

That is one of the question I have in mind. Now that I have a little boy and traveling is hassle for now. I have a question in mind, if will I travel anytime soon? I could not answer anything for now. Have to make sure we have enough money for the fare and for the things we have to pay for. Since it may take a while for the whole family to visit Philippines back, I have another issue first before I have to make sure that I accomplish. My passport renewal, and my conditional renewal. So many things to do this year and on the next incoming year. But it doesn't mean that I have to stop searching for a great deal of our fare. Who knows I might find and be lucky enough to get a good deal for the three of us. And would take the chance before somebody else will.

Aside from the plan to visit the Philippines, I would love to see other side or states of US too. So while browsing/ searching one of the destination we have is South Carolina. So I got this deal of Greenville SC travel. Amazing and I do hope that by the time we have enough money for the vacation. We can still get this offer. For now, I must not have to give up and continue.


11 March 2010

Got Denied

A month ago before my maternity leave starts. I have already submitted the request of change of my schedule due to no babysitter. It is different here in US and hard if you don't have a relative close to you where you can trust to watch for your child. It is not that I don't trust daycare I would just rather trust my own relatives than other people. Especially when it comes to an infant/children. 

Anyways, I called and ask for a follow up regarding my request and to my dismay it was denied due to business needs. What I was really disappointed, I don't want to lose my part time job but at the same time I don't want to jeopardized my son too. Gotta compromised with another schedule and hopefully they'll at least give it to me for now. I feel bad, but hey! who am I to bug them? Well see what's gonna happen.


Would love to change my mailbox

Have you heard about the house mailboxes and what does it help with you. Maybe because it is not as common as the other mailbox where it is all plain and metal. Not into this one, I was planning to change our mailbox sometime soon and put it beside our porch that way Mr. Mailman would see it right away.

Ecco E6 Locking Victorian Wall Mount Mailbox

Aside from the new design of these wall mount mailbox. They are also safe and free from getting by in any change that there'll be rain. And even if the big boxes would not fit into this dazzling wall mount mailboxes which by the way I have chosen. They can leave the big boxes of packages right next to the mailbox.

That way it won't be lost or stolen while we are not at home yet. If you would love to buy a new mailbox to improvised your yard? I recommend you to shop at eccomailbox.com.


07 March 2010

I plan to study again

After the busy days that I have experienced with my son and in the future. I was planning to take a social worker course. I want to help and be part of the community just like other people do, to those who needed help the most. Not only financially but emotionally too. I want to help this people and be at least part of them. It is very different here in US, after I gave birth to my son. I have been receiving calls from a social worker and consistently asking me on how am I and my son doing lately? Isn't that a nice job? You work and help others and makes sure they are alright?

This reminds me also when my father told me to take social worker course instead of the one that i got. I didn't appreciate before because I have no clue on what they do? Now, I do have a full idea on what it does and how can I also help other people. I do plan to go back to school and get a social worker course and hopefully by then I will be able to pass the social work test or exam. And start helping other people.


Helps heals a sore nipple

This is my best friend lately. It helps me a lot to keep my breast from being sore after my son latched on it. So, even though I am still in the process of healing from the sore breast. It really helps me a lot when I put this on and it relieves the pain that I feel.


05 March 2010


Before the snows will soon melt away. I really wanted to try riding on the snowboards. I want to know how it feels like and how exciting it would be when you actually sliding on the snows. I do not want to be a pro and do all the back and front flips. Because I do know that it is really dangerous and if you are not expert you sometimes end up having broken bones. So anyways, now that I ain't pregnant no more I would really love to try that thing. It kinda hard to learn since you have to make sure you will be able to balance yourself. I will really want to try for sure this time. I might like it and during winter since I have nothing to do, I can take my son and husband with me and do snowboarding. I could teach them and this would be one of the fun thing we can do during winter season.I can't wait to share this  with my husband.

If you are into this sports/hobbies I can recommend you to check out the website for more snowboards to choose from. They have so many designs that you might like to have and collect. I can't really wait and now I am super excited to try snowboarding  


04 March 2010

February Entrecard Top 10

So much for the visits you dropped in my page.... You all ROCKS!!!!

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Jean sQuared
Kre8tive Hive


02 March 2010

PC Remote Access

The more the technology arises the more the computer wizards / programmers created a program that makes everyone's work easier as well as making each task quicker and faster. I am talking about computers especially when you buy a new one? That it has higher or upgraded drivers and rams. Aside from that, more viruses, spams and spy-wares can be generated into your computer once you have just miss to open a browser that contains these files. It will sometimes destroy your whole computer operating system and it can damage all your files in your computer. I don't like it at all, and before you prevent that incident you should better start having someone you can trust with to manipulate or check your computer once in a while. Technicians, computer geeks or simple go online and browse for a PC Remote Access. What do this help you with your computer? I do admit in so many ways. You don't need to hire a technician to come over into your house and works with your computer's operating system, instead what they do is to operate the troubleshooting online with the help of  this PC remote access. Meaning they will be in their office or house and you are in your house, they can access into your computer immediately and debugs or do the maintenance or anything that needs to get fix or repairs without them living their premises, also it would be comfortable with you because you will just sit there and waits while they do their jobs. How will they do that? Make sure that you have an internet access because everything will happen through there, and that's how the proxy will be done.

My brother-in-law had this on his computer since he is disable and couldn't take the CPU with him to the computer shop, he applied for the remote access and from there the employer will manipulate / troubleshoots his computer for him without leaving the house.


Beautiful Blogger

It is been a long time since I got an award from somebody else. And this time, it is just not from somebody else but it is from someone who really cares and consider me not only as a fellow blogger but an online friend. I really appreciate MomGen of Wonderful Things In Life. Because she never fails to visit and leave message to my blogs. Thank you a bunch for sharing me this wonderful award. And now here it is;

There are some rules that's needed to be followed when receiving this award, and they are:

* Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.

* Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.

* Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.

* State 7 things about yourself.

Here are the 7 things about myself:
1) Friendly
2) Now a New Mom
3) Humble
4) Fortunate to have a wonderful family and friends
5) Loving and Caring
6) Computer geek?
7) Trustworthy

Now the 10 bloggers who won this award are;

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