11 March 2010

Got Denied

A month ago before my maternity leave starts. I have already submitted the request of change of my schedule due to no babysitter. It is different here in US and hard if you don't have a relative close to you where you can trust to watch for your child. It is not that I don't trust daycare I would just rather trust my own relatives than other people. Especially when it comes to an infant/children. 

Anyways, I called and ask for a follow up regarding my request and to my dismay it was denied due to business needs. What I was really disappointed, I don't want to lose my part time job but at the same time I don't want to jeopardized my son too. Gotta compromised with another schedule and hopefully they'll at least give it to me for now. I feel bad, but hey! who am I to bug them? Well see what's gonna happen.

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