30 March 2010

What hosting to get

Again this is a battle between getting a good domain for my blogs or not. I know I have been mentioning mostly in my post regarding having a new domain. It will totally a big hassle for me because, aside from making sure that I have changed the links that I had I must not forget to tell all my friends about me new domain. I don't know what to do.

Now, I have to really think this twice, there are so many advantage when you have your own hosting too. You can sell with it, make it as your business web hosting. I am sure there are many bloggers who are going to buy domain from me. I have to compose myself first before the final decision. I have to make sure that once I am focus with business web hosting, having a new computer or laptop would be a big help. Or shall I say I needed a laptop, because it is comfy and I can take it anywhere in the house as we are WIFI connected. Though, I know where to get a good web hosting online. I have to make sure that thing is settle down.

If you want to buy web hosting and you can't wait til when I will start my business so you could buy a domain from me? Just visit webhostinggeeks.com it will show you the top hosting you can choose from that would be good for your business or for you hobbies.

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