30 March 2009

School Year 2008 Ends

Clip Art: Sign that Says End School Zone

March is known as the days were schools are almost over. Meaning, finals, candidates for graduation and students were pretty much busy. The whole country of Philippines regarding the schools are experiencing this busy time. Preparations and completing the whole requirements in order to pass the test and move on to the higher level in schooling is what makes everyone thinks during the month of March.

Anyhow, after all the disasters or shall I say the busy days, students, faculty and staff will finally rest when things are over. Meaning, it’s time for summer days, vacation here, there and anywhere. The plan of having a blast summer pretty much sure is on the list.


27 March 2009

You can say it -- SpeakEasy!

Another great conversation we would like to chat about. I got my answered here, what about yours?


26 March 2009

White Sky?

So what do you think? Did I ever captured an extraordinary sky or what? hehehhe... Even I was surprised when I saw this picture in my computer when I uploaded it from my cam. Do you have any stances about this?

If you want to check out more extraordinary skies, visit SKY WATCH FRIDAY for more.

Happy Friday!


25 March 2009

Let's be Friends Award

History of SuperNova and SweetPain have share with me a beautiful Let's be Friends award. I'm taking it, Thank you so much..

The "Let's Be Friends" Award represents:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.


Motorcycle Community

Are you a fanatic of Motorcycle? If you do, there is one amazing community that you should be able to join with. They called it the motorcycle community, they have the most interesting community when it comes into motorcycles too.

Through this community, you will be able to get to know more motorcyclist and join outdoor activities. But being safe driving motorbike is also what we have to consider. We don't want to lose our loved one a member of the family, right? I'm sure the community of motorcycle definitely gives more details on how to take care of oneself while enjoying the fun with them.


19 March 2009

SpitzTunes -- Rappity, Rap!

Here goes another entry of a new conversation, check out if we have the same answer.


The Sunrise

I captured this amazing sunrise outside our house. I loved it because a new day and another life will start again. Happy Friday everyone! Check out for more Skies @ SkyWatch Friday main site.


16 March 2009

Friends Forever Award

Histor of Supernova and Sweetpain shares wonderful awards to me. I'm glad that inspite of the distance and through Blog, she considers me as one of her friends. Thank you

Justify Full


Holomodor Truth

It never came into my head about what is the whole truth about holomodor. And what is Holomodor? I was so confuse what is this word all about and what connects it in my life. The answer is nothing, but some part I have to make a point out of what I have found about holodomor. Out of my curiosity, I came to research it online and found a very interesting website that directs me into the facts and answers that I am seeking about the said Holomodor. 

This unbiased information and facts about the 'Golodomor' in the Soviet Union is a great way for me to learn something aside from my own country. It is very intriguing knowing about the mass hunger of the country Soviet Union for the year 1932-1933 and I am glad that it was resolve. 

It would be pretty much interesting to know facts and history of other countries because it would give you the idea, of why and how it happened to them and how they resolve the said hunger or problem in order to survive. 

Like I said here, if you want to know more about Holomodor or Golomodor it would be great if you will visit the website that would certainly gives you great facts about the said truth. I am telling you that it is interesting at the same time; it will add your history knowledge about other country’s history.


Your Health ... It's Good for You!

How important your health to you? For me, it is very. Check out answers to the survey I took below. Try to do the survey too.


12 March 2009

On the Road

The first time ever this blog will join SkyWatch Friday. I find it amazing, as I can see different images of skies all over the world. From different bloggers who are willing to share what usual or unsual sky's they have during that day. As for me, I am proud that I join SkyWatch Friday. I will do my best to, participate and give or share extraordinary sky's that I'll capture here.


on the road

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


11 March 2009

Where to find a Low Interest Credit Cards

Do you take note what advantages and benefits you will be able to get when you apply for a credit card? I know exactly what website to visit and would give you certain and more details about what credit card offers they have just for you.

Have you heard about dealsforcreditcards.com? They offer low interest credit cards with 0% APR Transfer Balance that would not give you any headache just like other credit cards. Have a very easy balance transfer with instant approval credit cards once you are qualified for the requirements. They won’t make you wait like forever because for them customer / clients are all precious that they make sure that; the staff will give you a satisfaction guarantee. If you are interested to know what they can offer you don’t hesitate to visit dealsforcreditcard.com now!


New Blogger Template

I was talking about my new page here. It was customized by a very dear friend who also has her 2 blogs named HISTORY of SUPERNOVA and SWEETPAIN, ANGELS in my LIFE. Don’t forget to visit her pages.

I was happy to see the changes of the blog, a new environment and arrangement helps attracts viewers and readers to visit often in this blog.

Anticipating, that she’ll do more in this blog, I can’t wait for that to happen. 


10 March 2009

T-shirt printing

I remember before, during our University week, usually our Department President will show us logo or designs to choose for our T-shirt for the whole one week activity. I was amazed that it looks so nice and perfect that all we have to do is to figure out which one is the best. And we did, I also find out that they usually do a screen printing in order for the whole image be presently visible.

I don't find it simple, you have to make sure that you have carefully print the image or design in the perfect sport on the shirt. That way, it would turns out a good job. Now, I know how they made a t-shirt printing.


Finally grabbed it

I’m talking about post what I supposed to grab a long time ago. I know, I work here sometimes it’s busy, and sometimes when I waited and open the page all I see I gray. I can’t wait for another batched of opportunities that are available in my page, that way I’ll be able to earn more.

The feeling is really great, knowing that you have grabbed a post and soon to be extra income for me.


Do you want to learn about Proxy?

Do you really know exactly what proxy is about? Or what does it mean and how does it helps us with our internet? Like me, if you want to learn more about Proxy, simply visit VPNOMIA.COM for more information on what proxy is all about.


Having trouble reserving my paid post

That is what I have encountered earlier, when my eyes gets big when I finally see white paid post. I tried my best and even the whole knowledge I learn about it, but it was no luck. Until, I decide to change my browser. I thought I will not make it but Thanks to all the Saints in Heaven, the paid post is still waiting for me.

I guess it is just my lucky day!


09 March 2009

I'll feel better to get relocate as long as it has a wonderful place

It would be awesome to recolate in a place that if warm. Not very cold weather that would keep you from going outside and enjoy the wonderful world. If you live in Arizona it would be a great opportunity to check out SFP relocations, as they have found a great weather to recolate the establishment. If you are more interested to know about relocation, check out their website for more details.


04 March 2009

Our Country Philippines

There are so many question in my mind when it comes to Philippine Government topics. For we all knew that the country is complicated enough. But inspite of that, I'm still glad that the country and people in this country works so hard in order to live an average and happy life.

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