13 October 2011

deal with it! have FUN..

Just don't know what is exactly happening. I am getting so bored staying 24/7 at HOME. I hate doing the same thing over and over again. Thinking of something I can do to at least give myself a chance to relax and have fun.

Life is indeed short but whenever I thought of something else to do like take a vacation, travel somewhere to visit new beautiful places near the town, to meet new people, etc.. just to enjoy and be relaxed at times, I can't help but always postpone it because it requires money. Though I can spend something for that, I just can't persist because I still have to attend to my top priorities which somehow makes me feel sad because really really feel bored. 

Just read this one dealfun.com complaints try to browse as well. Maybe we have almost the same case where you can relate with. 

Well by November first week, looking forward to really travel to Cebu with hubby and my baby girl, Audrey Venice. It would really be a big break for me so wish us luck. Praying that everything will be fine. I have had our tickets and we're going there with my Mother and Father. It's our treat since they've been working so hard and really find a hard time to relax so this is just the start, hope so.. Gonna deal with the FUN. : )


22 June 2011

coming holidays

I accidentally read in the net about holidays, when I saw this holidays that it makes me thought of something events that is happening in Germany.

Holidays are happily celebrated by Pinoys. In practice, it is being celebrated with the family. It is the time where we bond with our family members. Christmas is really fast approaching. Holiday season is indeed our way of giving ample time with our children, parents, & friends.  We are being excused from our work loads and other responsibilities. It is our time to relax.. unwind.
I will be spending my holiday with my family and most specially with my girl Audrey. I will surely be staying home to relax and mingle with my nieces and nephews. Taking time to chat with friends who are working abroad. Greeting everyone and anything I can do to reach them, to keep in touch.

How about you, how would you spend your holidays? What are your preparations? We have been into alot of holidays, right? but this coming holidays are what we are more prepared of. It is time to give, to thank and to let our love one's know that we love and we value them.  May you spend your holidays fruitfully. Let us make sure that we are going to celebrate with our Family. I will continue reading about SEO Colchester just for information and knowledge.


26 April 2011

The Rain...

Has finally stopped after previews days we have. There is nothing you can do much outside the house because it was poring outside, plus it is cold too. It is already Spring, that's why it never stops raining however sometimes a place has too much of it that we don't need it for awhile.

What else have I done while the rain never stops poring? I play with my son when he is not napping, also if he is and I have done surfing online. I look in my computer and read about what Nursing courses. Where to find uniform, just in case I urge myself to take one. At least I have an idea where to get them, I would rather bookmark the link I got from this website. And to insure that you can check the website I am looking for nice women uniform and I can share you the direct URL just click this: http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/.


23 April 2011

Boredom makes you think of so many things

Few days ago I wasn't much into computer. I was paying attention to my part time work which is babysitting. Although, I only earn a little bit every week, it would be a good extra income than nothing at all. While the kids and my son were napping. I was thinking of a goal once my son is big and went to school. I might get an online course like Nursing. 

I mean, I really have to sacrifice something but I do hope in the end it will be worth doing it. I don't have any problems when it comes to finding nursing uniforms. There will be plenty online where I know exactly the right website to go into. These uniform are not the issue, but the financial towards the fee of the course. 

I was thinking that going back to school and get the on demand course would definitely help me earn more money. I will help my husband and he would no longer work two jobs. Maybe I'll start by researching online, plus not only the course but as well as where to buy cheap scrubs


30 March 2011


While sitting on the computer and browsing online. I have notice our kitchen flooring. It needs to get fix. Since winter is over and it is safe for us to do some home improvement. I will proposed this with my husband about changing our kitchen flooring. Or it need to get fix as soon as possible. Since our son loves to hang out in the kitchen for he can play with my pots and pans, or the tapper ware we have or just the covers and more. Giving him options to look online it would be best if I'll browse about Floor company. At least, I will pick out those flooring that we need to replace for our kitchen. Have to give him more options that way, he'll choose from the designs that I like already. 


29 March 2011

Please more to come...

I was praying last night for a blessing to be given to me today. The prayers were answered. I don't have a higher fee job and it is just for a friend's favor that I get paid off as well. That's better than getting nothing at all. At least when you want to buy something for yourself or for the family you don't need to ask money from your partner. I never like that at all. In fact, if I ask once in a while? I was doubtful if he will share it with me because we have bills to priorities first. I want to learn about getting a nicer job, something that you just have to surf online. Something in related with Local search marketing. I do hope that more opportunity to come in my way so I could earn extra money for our needs.



While I was browsing online hoping for a great opportunity. I finally came across to this logo designs for free. It is pretty awesome. I can learn so many things from this website and in fact if I am a PRO I can sale them for other website who needs to have a unique logo. It wasn't bad, you just have to be patient in order to learn so many things. I think today, I feel so lucky. Because if you ask from the Creator? He will never say No to you unless it is not for good.


Back to Babysitting

After a week of our day off with babysitting. We are now back to what we used to do. Me and my son, babysit my friends kid while she is at work. Although, we only spend mostly 3 hours with the kids I am glad that my son has a playmate. It is fine than nothing to hang out with big girls. They both have fun, knowing that my son mingles with other kids is my fun too. Sometimes, when they just need something they all do it at the same time. Glad the other kid is old enough to understand to wait while I priorities both the younger sibling including my son. It is not that hard but sometimes, however it is pretty much exhausting. I have time to surf online too and be with myself is when they are napping. They can't bother me while I'm searching for a nice email direct marketing . Get to learn about this, in order to have an option on what to do to get a higher fee. 

I am sure that after the vacation, everything goes routinely again.


24 March 2011

It came back...

When we went to NYC for a short trip. Our weather in Jamestown were so nice and all the snow were melt. So in NYC when we got there. I was thinking of making a nice bar in our background this Spring Season in order to enjoy the outdoor weather. I even got a nice Modern Bar Stools design. I can't wait to discuss it with my husband. A nice project for that this year. Unfortunately, when we got back from our trip. From thousands miles up in the air. I can see white ground. Meaning, snow stays and the worst part is that this week it will be really cold. Our temperature will drop below 20's again. I thought, Spring will continuously coming however, I was wrong. Winter, snows, cold weather isn't going away for some reason. I just hope this week will be the last week that snows can actually stays on the  ground. Just way bummer for all of us who hopes to have an early Spring. 


19 March 2011

Spring is here...

Tomorrow, it will be officially our Spring Season. I am sure not only me but everyone is jubilating about the Spring. No more snows to stay longer, however there will be that one day of frost at night. We don't know when, but it will come. I am excited for this Season because there are so many things that I plan to do. Of course with my son with me to enjoy the whole season before another long winter comes. I even pull up our Blinds at home so see and let the ray of the sun gets in our home. That means, no more hibernating. I am overwhelmed with this Season.


09 March 2011

I want to eat Pizza Sub

I want to eat Pizza Sub now! I can't wait until Thursday when me and hubby are going to his bowling tournament and order one. I want to make our own, so we don't need to pay the amount that can make us eat at least 4 pieces. 

I searched online for the recipe and bought the ingredients to make one. I think I just make it good. Although, mine doesn't turn out like this because I never put some peppers or onions but just the pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni and mushroom. I still enjoyed the Pizza Sub I made. 

Now, that I can make one I don't need to buy and spend more amount just to eat one. While munching this delicious dinner. I am also lucky that I did find a paid search marketing online. I will look more into it and hopefully that it'll give me ways to earn extra income. 


07 March 2011

I need more opportunity

Not only in my life, but also online. I need some kind of extra income where I can earn money to buy things that we need. While looking outside and thinking, I saw a great sun shines upon my face. Glad that we have roman blinds that I can minimized it and the ray would not hit my face again.

I was thinking, what else to do? I am not the only person on earth who needs extra income. The world is pretty much competitive especially when it comes on looking for another opportunity. I do hope God will help me find the way.


too much clutter

In the house needs to be stored in one place that is safe and secure. There will be important documents that needs to be kept, however a perfect Storage Leicester is one thing we need. 

I was looking one day on the television about hoarders. I don't blame them if they thought that mostly everything they see is a precious things. Even the trash that is supposed to be thrown out. They keep it and stock them in their home. Until such years pass by and all this clutter starts to be decomposing.

I really hope that these people will get help from professionals who makes their life be clearer. 


03 March 2011

sunny but still cold

If you are inside the those and look outside you can see that the sun looks like its giving a warm temperature. Of course, if you feel the ray from inside your home. You think that it will be a nice to go for a walk. But the minute you open the door you can feel the cold breeze. Not only that, the strong wind it blows. It is sunny, it melts some of the snow but yet it is still cold. You can't walk outside with your pair or sandals but you have to make sure you cover yourself with coat and boots because by the strong wind freezes you. 

I told myself, I better wait for the official Spring comes and take a walk outside with my son. But for now, I might as well focus on looking for a nice website design that I will use to my other blog. 


02 March 2011

more researching...

About how to have more facts when it comes to email marketing tracking software. As a computer science bachelor, I have the curiosity of how things work pretty amazing nowadays.  I would like to learn more about it. Hopefully, it will give me more knowledge about the new technologies. I lost mostly of my knowledge in software/ programming when I started to work as a Secretary. I was more focus with my real job and the stress it brought on me. In my regret, I never study by myself and encourage to pursue the knowledge I have during College. I do hope that now, I have decided to go back. I will be able to learn it faster and easier. 


after waiting...

For quite sometimes, the pr of this blog has returned and I have the chance to earn more. I need extra income in order to buy some of our needs. I am thankful that one of my friend is very nice to let me do it. While trying to go online and check for blessings. I finally got some and here I am again. But before everything goes well, I better go ahead and check about logo designer. I heard and read some of the facts about this very interesting website where you can create your own logo.

If you happen to need one for something or for your business. Don't hesitate to visit the website.


28 February 2011

Just an update...

I was gone for long time here and hopefully that I will keep coming back in order to give everyone an update. What I have been into lately? Pretty much busy with life, husband and son. For those who might get confused. I am the other half part of this blog. No I am not the husband but a friend of the owner who gave me the permission to update the blog. I am glad she did because here I am now updating.

I used to share that weather we have in US in this blog. As for now, we are still on our Winter Season that mostly people who live in a four season country were no longer happy of the massive snows in our background. Our weather is kind odd, thanks to the Global Warming. We experienced warmer weather in consecutive days. Mostly of the snows were gone due to the Sun and Rain, but it all came back at once in just an overnight snowing. If only this snows were gold, we could be rich by now. Or at least all people on earth will all have money. It wouldn't be hard to look and buy gold bullion if we want too because you can totally find the one you trust. And mostly everyone will be enjoying bullion because it will be pretty easy to find. 

Oh well, let's keep hoping that soon enough winter will be over and spring comes faster that way all of us will enjoy outside of our own house. Before we keep thinking about gold bullion


15 January 2011


I have a great day. I started it with a wonderful morning and I can say ends wonderful too. I have received alot of blessings lately. I am now actually listening to song of praises because of the overwhelming feeling. I've been so blessed, lots of things happened most were unexpected. Thank you so much, Lord Jesus for always being with me and with my family. And Thank you Janrey, the Lord God made you his instrument to answer my prayers. To fulfill my wishes and shall I say, a dream. 

Through the years alot has happened, experiences completes me. It teaches me lessons, it widens my knowledge, it makes me wiser and smarter. There are bad experiences but most were good. Be it good or bad, i take it as Monaco Grand Prix. I do believe that if we'd make the most of our lives there are lots of ways or strategies we could apply and this can define the Monaco Grand Prix. If we are wise enough, we can apply certain formula to make resolutions to existing phenomenon. Life is a maze, would you agree? 

Thus, experiences makes as stronger. It gives as the strength to face another set of trial, test, another set of trouble. Solutions are in our hands. If we are strong enough to accept and play the game of life.  As we all know, no matter how wise we are, certain challenges arises in an unexpected time. It tests our patience, determination, perseverance, trust to ones self and of course the Faith. 

Lets prepare our own formula cause I believe there are just simple ways to go out from this LIFE we have. Going out with medal or trouphy.. going out wearing a great big smile, going out with satisfying outcome. 

2011 has just started, we should take time to meditate. Think over and over on how to change our life for the better. This way we may able to maximize the given or the alloted time for us to live. Let us all be winners in the end. Never stop fighting. Never stop believing... So, Dream, Believe & Survive.


14 January 2011


A Check is a negotiable instrument. It is drawn against the deposited funds, to pay a specified amount of money to a specific person upon demand. This is very visible most specially to businesses though many has its own checks as well to issue whenever needed. It's easier for us rather than getting cash out from our pockets. Also, it is indeed safer since we don't need to bring along with us  certain cash specially when it's a big amount of money.

company checks are very useful when entering into business, when we engage into businesses. Likewise, it is vital since its play a real major role in our day to day transactions. 

Try to imagine if company checks doesn't exist? How do you find convenience into our business transactions? Would the people or the employees will manage the money within the company? 

We are going to keep large amount of money in a place where we can't actually say its safe..even into our personal finances, imagine we have certain large amount of money are we going to bring it along with us everyday wherever we are? it will be harder and surely no enough security for us bearers. Thank God for that certain instrument, the so-called checks.


13 January 2011


Luckily I got two now after almost a month. Thanked God for the opportunities. Been tired writing something here but I was browsing inpostlinks hoping I could catch something for me to write on. But anyhow I got two then its fine now.

What about this? ratchet straps. When I read this what comes to mind is something like a belt more so since its a "strap..." really, I don't know anything about this ratchet straps. Would you give me idea about this? 

I have browsed over net and found a certain website where forum is active. One of my sites where there. The issue was, it is a scam. I was actually dismayed reading it because I took longer time in Net just to cope with its demand and now I found out that such site (would say it rather) is not actually paying. hmm.. How would I react on that? So guys, lets be careful with the sites we are joining where we are being paid. Needless to say that we should read on first about the site before entering into it. Going back to this write ups about the rachet strap, let me try this stuff and checkout how would I be able to apply this in my daily activities. It might as well a useful collection of straps with very good quality and an excellent value".

You may click on the site and see for yourself. 

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