31 July 2008

its so cold lately

Thanked God for the rain! So cold here.. this is better than what we have experienced for the past days.. so hot, so dusty and really messy. I thought the rain would never come again..
Blessed we are since it came..well, I'd rather let the rain fall rather than seeing the sun so strong which makes human being almost burn from its heat. No wonder why it happened... Most of us are very careless, we don't follow the right procedure for throwing our waste, there are some who cut down trees and never bored to replace them, garbage are thrown into the sea or to rivers.. see? these are few of the reasons why this happened...

Have you ever experienced the sudden shift of the whether? that's very alarming, right?.. it happened many times here. We have no right to blame anyone because even we, are very reckless and now that we are experiencing such problem, how can we resolve this? This can't be solve by one or a group of five or group of 100.. we should act on this together..

God gave us his blessings and he made his people to be the steward of his creation.. but what did we do? hay! :(


30 July 2008

HammeRuler ... Redesign almost ready!


Paintings - Oil on Canvas - What do u think?


29 July 2008

its about you..


28 July 2008


Today, July 28, 2008 is the 24th Birthday of my boyfriend. So sad because we can't be together to celebrate, never the less, its a Happy Birthday.

I called and greeted him at 12:002 midnight. We talked for 15 minutes and then we go back to bed. He asked me if i have something to send as my birthday gift.. well, I honestly have something for him but i just denied that I will be sending a gift soon. Probably he will receive it tomorrow.. Its a surprise.. simple yet i know for sure that he'll be happy receiving such wonderful treasure..

... as you make all your birthday wishes,
i wish they all come true..

Dadi, Happy happy birthday!


27 July 2008

Citizenship Marketplace


24 July 2008

another boring day

..nothing new this day. feel bored again.

My boss decided to continue the so called TRACER STUDY again. She just hired Ms. Salvacion, a former working student in the Guidance Office, to organize the said study. Well, it will not be that hard anymore compared last summer. good luck to her..

I failed to sleep again during my lunch break because my college friend [Girlie] and I had a chat regarding our present situation. Both of us are working already same is through with the rest of our group [barkada]. That's it. I spent my lunch break talking to her.. I raised few questions about some past that is left unanswered. it was a meaningful conversation though. I realized something after such conversation. hmm. i missed her.


23 July 2008

a busy day.

after having my free work day for the past few days, this day is very loaded. hmm. i can't even comb my hair, apply powder on my face, etc. guess what, I've changed my shirt because i feel so geeee! So hot outside and when i get back that's how i feel.

now, feeling better. i just hope i can cope with this tiring day.

i never enjoyed my lunch break. friends came here and disturb me.. hehe. one asked me to answer her accounting assignment. it requires journalizing, t-account and must be footed, and trial balance. hmm.. for 10 minutes believe it or not, i was able to balance the case. she was so impressed.. honestly, i was surprised and impressed too. hehe... i can't believe i could still remember my lessons way back 2005.

for sure, she'll be asking more time for me to answer her assignment. tsk tsk.
thats all for now.. :)


21 July 2008

bad yah..

whoooo again not busy here! My boss is on leave this morning and she left nothing to do. I'm sleepy but impossible for me to sleep here. hehe. So, I'm gonna update my profile and write something for you guys.

well, this past few days had been an ordinary days for me. Nothing new.. I have nothing to think of and I have nothing to finished.. Theres one thing i missed most. Oh my, I've never visited the church for a long time. I'm guilty, yeah I am.. so embarrassing because despite what I've got, I failed to remember him. I'm praying though, its just that the effort of going to church, light a candle , say a prayer was never been in my mind. I'm bad, I know.. not yet late, i believe.

After my work, I will surely go to church and pray.. that's a promise. Theres so much to thanked for.. I adore him and I praise him. I owe him everything I have and had..


When gas prices go up, you ...


nothing new

good day for me. hope yours too.. I'm in the office and never been busy. My boss though is quite busy with hmm.. i don't have any idea at all. d;) and that's why I'm here.yeah! I was able to post this because I'm pretty happy and kindda bored at the same time. so i thought of writing this short post.

I'm happy because lots of friends left me a message and there are new ones too. I added them and i was surprise for having lots of friends here and they were nice, they added me too. wheew! thank you so much people. Hope we'll visit each others page and we'll keep sharing. thanks a lot..


It's a hodgepodge, a mishmash, a salmagundi


20 July 2008

We celebrated my Bro's 28th birthday. It was a simple dinner for the whole family. wheew! another memorable event where the family gathered together again. ALL are present.. :)

There were few friends came and celebrate with us. I believe they enjoyed the night. Honestly, the food was pretty awesome.. my mom cooked those food. Tastes so good.. really.

Most of the visitors commented that the food was great. It was really a simple gathering but its really one of the best dinner i had with my family. I hope that it will happen many times.

Thank God for another year. Thank God for guiding him..


19 July 2008

hmm. nothing to say but hay!

fellas?! how are you guys?

I'm pretty happy because today is my Bro's birthday. The eldest in the family whom i used to call, "AYA". He is undeniably intelligent and neat. Aya has 2 talented kids and has a weak live-in partner. Honestly, He has that sex appeal that ladies out there can't surely resist. hehe. hmm..i wanna share this.. I just remembered something..

He shared one time that he met someone, she's pretty, hotty, and smart. He then said so many good traits that the lady possessed. He had already asked the girl for a date.. oh my. and then he added, I almost love her.. toinks? how do you expect me to react? still i remain silent. Until one day, my ate weng (my bro's live-in partner), visited us at home and she was very wild and she's crying so badly. And then i knew it was all about the lady.. tsk tsk.

I can't actually tell you the details of what really happened between them. I observed that they were immature and know what? there kids are really affected. I'm so sad about what happened and my parents are pretty bothered about the situation. hay!

Now-a-days, its like such situation is inevitable.. however, I believe that if youre really willing to SACRIFICE, whatever temptation may come, you can resist and you can decide which path you wanna go.. WE SHOULD WEIGH FIRST before we decide. Lets bear in mind that in every action or decision we are making, people around us, especially those who are close to us are really affected..


18 July 2008

Think again by Lori Brainard's...

fellas! this is interesting.. listen to this song.


17 July 2008

not a good day..

well, this day wasn't a good one.. this wasn't my day. Maybe because I went to bed late last night. I don't know what exactly happened but I'm pretty bothered of my boyfriend's absence. I was thinking of him and wishing that he'll call anytime. I want to talk to him and ask if he's okay, how's his work, and many more. . also, I was alarmed by the news i heard about the "bagyo" in Manila. Manila is a huge place though, however, I just never heard from him for almost 2 days.. that made me feel so worried.

Luckily, in the middle of the night he called and we talked. hmm. that's it.. I'm happy again and worry no more, but I just really not in the mood to work. I want to sleep and I want to relax.


check this..


16 July 2008

what took him so long..

fellas! I'm here again. I'm pretty bothered about our situation right now. I'm talkin' about my relationship with my boyfriend. He's been in Manila for almost 10 months. Yeah! for almost 5 months of working in an Agency, until now he is still not qualified to work in a ship. My God! I don;t want him to stay longer there. I'm badly missing him..Saddest part is, we both have no choice but to continue what we already have. I have my work though which couldn't be set aside otherwise my family too will suffer.

I planned to work there in Manila but thinking vividly, i decided not to.. why? because the probability of engaging into something is way too high and I'm not yet ready for that. We should work harder in order to plan for our future and to help our family. I'm pretty bothered though if the relationship would still be okay. If we could still work for this.. well, Blessed we are since we have a constant communication.. though we're both busy, by all means, we keep in touch.


taxes thing


citizenship thing.. for sale?


cyber relationship thing


15 July 2008

got my salary

I'm glad i have my reward after working for almost 15 days. I just received my check and so excited to go to bank to en cash. I will go to SoCoTeCo to pay our electicity bill and then, I will visit my brother to give him something for his tuition. Early tomorrow, he is scheduled to take his exam. I'm happy because he will never be bothered about it instead he'll focus on reviews. I will set aside something for my 15 days allowance. It's not enough actually but I can find ways to make this enough..hehe.

Later when I'm home I will give something to settle our water bill. oh, before i forget, budget for our daily expenses.. hmm. still , thank you, Lord. :)


14 July 2008

TirEd, I am..

hey fellas! missing you.. :) us usual busy with my work. I'm so sorry for sending my reply late. well, again, thanks for those who visit my page and leave something to read on.
Right now, I'm really suffering headache. I'm in the office and not busy unlike this past few days since my boss is on leave however, she still ask me to go out to do something. yeah! It's okay though..its just that, IT's SO HOT OUTSIDE! My skin is almost burning.. really. wheew! nyways, I'm happy because I've helped my boss and that's it.. I hope she'll be here tomorrow. i missed her.hehe!

hmm...I hope i will feel better soon also. I really hate this feeling.. I'm weak and tired. :(


13 July 2008

I'm pretty bored here

I'm at work now yet I don't have anything to do here. My boss is traveling now to Marbel for a meeting. She never left anything to do that's why I'm free. hmm. It's pretty boring here and I can feel a bit, just a little bit guilt since I'm still paid for this day yet I don't do anything..

I have thought of doing something but theres nothing I could think of.. I have done the filing, changing the slips folders, and checking the Comfort room, my table is clean, hmm.. if theres something we could do to get it better.. still, i found none.And so, I was able to update this blog home of mine. I just hope this will really work. I sometimes feel bored but every time I post something in here, I feel more comfortable and free.

I'm free now. Tomorrow will never be.. so can't visit here tomorrow cause i will surely be very busy. toinks! :)


10 July 2008


well, i just want to share.. hmm. I'm not sad but I'm not happy. So soon I will be receiving my 15 days salary. For your knowledge, both my mom and dad has no more sources of income and so, I carry all the obligation to settle the bills such as electricity, water and tuition of my younger bro. also, i am expected to give something for our daily needs. In short, I don't have any chance to buy something for myself. It's okay though..at least, I was able to help my parents and we're happy.
I can't deny though that something inside me makes me feel that I'm not satisfied. Maybe because I work so hard, i work overtime but I don't see anything for myself..i think I should treat myself sometimes, right? I mean, you know, new stuff to motivate you to work more.. do you get what i mean? hmm.ooOOooh. I know this is just temporary.. hope so.


08 July 2008


I don't know what's exactly happening to me. I could hardly sleep... jeeeZ! I just realized this recently.. I often go home tired and exhausted but whenever I go to bed and close my eyes, my brain is somewhat thinking of.. i don't know... honestly, i don't have any idea of what I'm really thinking.. I just really can't sleep. hmm.. What should I do..?

I want to sleep on time cause i believe i need more rest, I have to be at work on time or better if earlier. Also, to avoid skipping my breakfast.. wheew!
Whenever I'm in the office, I could hardly enjoy my break time since there are things i should settle outside. Also, there are friends coming and spending their break time in the office and so I can't really use the 2 hours break which should be my sleeping time.. huhuhu!
I'm soOooO thin.. I don't like this.. :(


04 July 2008

just temporary i guess so

hello there guys! missed talking to all of you. Honestly, I've been reading your messages but hard for me to send back reply..But i thanked you for leaving me such though i don't respond right away. The reason why i failed to update my blog and send you back my replies is that, i was busy with my work. It's pretty amazing that though i struggle so hard about the case I'm in right now, the smile in my face remained relax and genuine. haha! if i could just tell you everything happened, you will surely laugh and leave a heavy comments. Right now i chose not to tell every detail 'cause I'm good and still fighting. well, this post is a sort of relief to me.. though i can't say it all, i know from this writing you have an idea about what I'm feeling right now. well, hope to hear from you guys. thank you so much for visiting my very own profile. certainly i will visit yours too. muah muah.


monthsary ever

Today is my lucky day.. well, every 3rd of the month, i actually consider it as my lucky day. hmm.. bet its OUR lucky day. I'm talkin' bout our monthsary. hmm.. regardless of distance, we still celebrate our Lucky day. hehe. simple yet still memorable.

Thank God for another month. I hope and pray that we'll both wait for the right time to come. That we will prolong the sacrifices we have started.. this will never be easy but with perseverance and faith, we believe that soon we will meet again. And by that time, theres no one else who could separate us. May God be praise. :)


01 July 2008

DO YOU KNOW THAT... Stress can cause severe health problems and, in extreme cases, can cause death.

Stress Management Techniques

This section of Mind Tools helps you survive under the intense stress that can come with a challenging career.

This will help you to understand stress and what causes it: This is an important starting point for effective stress management. They introduce you to the three main approaches to stress management, and then shows you how you can identify the key sources of stress in your life.

We then look at a range of stress management techniques. Unlike some other approaches to stress management, the Mind Tools approach is, where possible, to tackle stress at source. This means that not only do we show you how to deal with the symptoms of stress, we show you how to deal with the underlying causes as well.

Physical Relaxation Techniques

  • Deep Breathing, PMR and the Relaxation Response

Physical relaxation techniques are as effective as mental techniques in reducing stress. In fact, the best relaxation is achieved by using physical and mental techniques together.

These three useful physical relaxation techniques can help you reduce muscle tension and manage the effects of the fight-or-flight response on your body. This is particularly important if you need to think clearly and perform precisely when you are under pressure.

The techniques we will look at are Deep Breathing, Progressive Muscular Relaxation and “The Relaxation Response”.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a simple, but very effective, method of relaxation. It is a core component of everything from the "take ten deep breaths" approach to calming someone down, right through to yoga relaxation and Zen meditation. It works well in conjunction with other relaxation techniques such as Progressive Muscular Relaxation, relaxation imagery and meditation to reduce stress.

To use the technique, take a number of deep breaths and relax your body further with each breath. That's all there is to it!

Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Progressive Muscular Relaxation is useful for relaxing your body when your muscles are tense.

The idea behind PMR is that you tense up a group of muscles so that they are as tightly contracted as possible. Hold them in a state of extreme tension for a few seconds. Then, relax the muscles normally. Then, consciously relax the muscles even further so that you are as relaxed as possible.

By tensing your muscles first, you will find that you are able to relax your muscles more than would be the case if you tried to relax your muscles directly.

Experiment with PMR by forming a fist, and clenching your hand as tight as you can for a few seconds. Relax your hand to its previous tension, and then consciously relax it again so that it is as loose as possible. You should feel deep relaxation in your hand muscles.

The Relaxation Response

‘The Relaxation Response’ is the name of a book published by Dr Herbert Benson of Harvard University in 1968. In a series of experiments into various popular meditation techniques, Dr Benson established that these techniques had a very real effect on reducing stress and controlling the fight-or-flight response. Direct effects included deep relaxation, slowed heartbeat and breathing, reduced oxygen consumption and increased skin resistance.

This is something that you can do for yourself by following these steps:

  • Sit quietly and comfortably.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Start by relaxing the muscles of your feet and work up your body relaxing muscles.
  • Focus your attention on your breathing.
  • Breathe in deeply and then let your breath out. Count your breaths, and say the number of the breath as you let it out (this gives you something to do with your mind, helping you to avoid distraction).

Do this for ten or twenty minutes.

An even more potent alternative approach is to follow these steps, but to use relaxation imagery instead of counting breaths in step 5. Again, you can prove to yourself that this works using the biofeedback equipment.

S u m m a r y

“Deep Breathing,” “Progressive Muscular Relaxation,” and the steps leading to the “Relaxation Response” are three good techniques that can help you to relax your body and manage the symptoms of the fight-or-flight response.

These are particularly helpful for both handling nerves prior to an important performance, and reducing stress generally.

This is an excerpt from "Managing Stress for Career Success", the Mind Tools Stress Management Masterclass. These physical relaxation techniques are just some of the important skills that we explain. As well as explaining relaxation techniques, the Stress Management Masterclass shows you how to take action to tackle the root causes of job stress - a side-effect of this approach is that you become more effective and successful in your career.

Click here to find out more about The Stress Management Masterclass, and here to visit the Stress.MindTools.Com site, which has many more articles on stress.

Warning: Stress can cause severe health problems and, in extreme cases, can cause death. While these stress management techniques have been shown to have a positive effect on reducing stress, they are for guidance only, and readers should take the advice of suitably qualified health professionals if they have any concerns over stress-related illnesses or if stress is causing significant or persistent unhappiness. Health professionals should also be consulted before any major change in diet or levels of exercise.


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