19 July 2008

hmm. nothing to say but hay!

fellas?! how are you guys?

I'm pretty happy because today is my Bro's birthday. The eldest in the family whom i used to call, "AYA". He is undeniably intelligent and neat. Aya has 2 talented kids and has a weak live-in partner. Honestly, He has that sex appeal that ladies out there can't surely resist. hehe. hmm..i wanna share this.. I just remembered something..

He shared one time that he met someone, she's pretty, hotty, and smart. He then said so many good traits that the lady possessed. He had already asked the girl for a date.. oh my. and then he added, I almost love her.. toinks? how do you expect me to react? still i remain silent. Until one day, my ate weng (my bro's live-in partner), visited us at home and she was very wild and she's crying so badly. And then i knew it was all about the lady.. tsk tsk.

I can't actually tell you the details of what really happened between them. I observed that they were immature and know what? there kids are really affected. I'm so sad about what happened and my parents are pretty bothered about the situation. hay!

Now-a-days, its like such situation is inevitable.. however, I believe that if youre really willing to SACRIFICE, whatever temptation may come, you can resist and you can decide which path you wanna go.. WE SHOULD WEIGH FIRST before we decide. Lets bear in mind that in every action or decision we are making, people around us, especially those who are close to us are really affected..

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