24 July 2008

another boring day

..nothing new this day. feel bored again.

My boss decided to continue the so called TRACER STUDY again. She just hired Ms. Salvacion, a former working student in the Guidance Office, to organize the said study. Well, it will not be that hard anymore compared last summer. good luck to her..

I failed to sleep again during my lunch break because my college friend [Girlie] and I had a chat regarding our present situation. Both of us are working already same is through with the rest of our group [barkada]. That's it. I spent my lunch break talking to her.. I raised few questions about some past that is left unanswered. it was a meaningful conversation though. I realized something after such conversation. hmm. i missed her.

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JeFf & NoVa 25 July, 2008 19:37  

hmmmm.. in short? tsimosa ra jud ka ba.. hehehehe.. miss your stories girl, i do hope we can chat sometimes,

oy..asa gud didto nag salvacion? kaila ko ana? kinsa man iyang partner in crime for the tracer?

hope you can share more stuff about skul dear, that helps me keep updated... thanks

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