28 July 2008


Today, July 28, 2008 is the 24th Birthday of my boyfriend. So sad because we can't be together to celebrate, never the less, its a Happy Birthday.

I called and greeted him at 12:002 midnight. We talked for 15 minutes and then we go back to bed. He asked me if i have something to send as my birthday gift.. well, I honestly have something for him but i just denied that I will be sending a gift soon. Probably he will receive it tomorrow.. Its a surprise.. simple yet i know for sure that he'll be happy receiving such wonderful treasure..

... as you make all your birthday wishes,
i wish they all come true..

Dadi, Happy happy birthday!

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JeFf & NoVa 29 July, 2008 13:33  

aw ka sweet uy..happy birthday sa imong dadi.... bleh.. unsa may handa nimo diha? ehehehe

ailecgee 31 July, 2008 10:52  

Hey, kindly extend my birthday greetings although belated to your boyfriend, Janrey.

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