04 July 2008

just temporary i guess so

hello there guys! missed talking to all of you. Honestly, I've been reading your messages but hard for me to send back reply..But i thanked you for leaving me such though i don't respond right away. The reason why i failed to update my blog and send you back my replies is that, i was busy with my work. It's pretty amazing that though i struggle so hard about the case I'm in right now, the smile in my face remained relax and genuine. haha! if i could just tell you everything happened, you will surely laugh and leave a heavy comments. Right now i chose not to tell every detail 'cause I'm good and still fighting. well, this post is a sort of relief to me.. though i can't say it all, i know from this writing you have an idea about what I'm feeling right now. well, hope to hear from you guys. thank you so much for visiting my very own profile. certainly i will visit yours too. muah muah.

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Pinay WAHM 04 July, 2008 21:33  

Hi April...

Thanks for dropping by. Keep the positive attitude and the happy disposition, it will take you a long way in this journey called life. Whatever it is you're faced with right now I'm sure you will come out victorious.

Keep your head up high....and keep going forward!


JeFf & NoVa 11 July, 2008 19:42  

i know exactly what you felt dear, as it is me who leave you that mess? i feel guilty of leaving that early without giving you that much knowledge and courage to face the stress that has been waiting for you, instead i gave you a happy and smiles in your faces instead of knowing what would be the whole nature of work.

pretty much sure, i did taught you everything, but the stress and reality would only effects when your totally in the exact situation.

but i'm sure you'll be able to overcome this.. i undergo such stress and feelings like you are feeling now.. but that would only be a challenge to give you more guts to face work.

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