16 July 2008

what took him so long..

fellas! I'm here again. I'm pretty bothered about our situation right now. I'm talkin' about my relationship with my boyfriend. He's been in Manila for almost 10 months. Yeah! for almost 5 months of working in an Agency, until now he is still not qualified to work in a ship. My God! I don;t want him to stay longer there. I'm badly missing him..Saddest part is, we both have no choice but to continue what we already have. I have my work though which couldn't be set aside otherwise my family too will suffer.

I planned to work there in Manila but thinking vividly, i decided not to.. why? because the probability of engaging into something is way too high and I'm not yet ready for that. We should work harder in order to plan for our future and to help our family. I'm pretty bothered though if the relationship would still be okay. If we could still work for this.. well, Blessed we are since we have a constant communication.. though we're both busy, by all means, we keep in touch.

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JeFf & NoVa 16 July, 2008 17:07  

hmmm..i can totally relate to you with this one girl, long distance relationship is never been easy... its a way of test and to make sure that both are loyal and needs and wants to have each other because no matter what happen they will end up together, meaning if your both destined to be? no matter how far you are, you'll meet each other and will have an everlasting love, just have trust and loyalty to each other.. communication is really important to a relationship, never let a day pass without you two communicate because that's the only way you two bond with each other... trust me my dear.. i've been into that..

patient is a virtue, the more things happen on the end you'll get what you really ask from God, so let him do the rest while you do something what he ask u to do.

don't jump into some environment if your not yet that prepare to do the consequences. you have to be self motivated and having more experience would lead you into a much hgher and great job...

so do things one at a time and do it step by step...

someday, you'll get what you want...

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