26 April 2010


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24 April 2010

Daryl Lorette Cafe

Following A World Of Good News!


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22 April 2010

G1BO or NoyNoy?


18 April 2010

I have a goal

This year is to be able to get my driver's license. I know, I should have thought about that before I have the baby. I do admit I procrastinate a LO! There I finally admit it. So anyways, that is the main gold I have aside from making sure that I brought up our kid in the right path, won't miss the single things he does.

In order to achieve that goal, I went online to answer the online quiz we have on the website. It was my friend who told me that who just got her driver's license this year. Is to go online and keep taking the exam  because they'll just the same as what the Department of Motor Vehicles will going to give me once I'm in the office.

I am right now, got not more than 6 mistakes which is good and the mistakes gets lesser by each Chapter. That means, I am learning about the traffics and rules that I should abide here.

Wish me luck!


Where to buy cheapseat tickets

Me and hubby used to go to concerts, and other events on our favorite artist since I got here. He surprises me by buying tickets on a concert that I want to go. Where did he purchase this tickets? He never leave the house for this instead he went online and makes sure he got a cheap seats deal the tickets that he'll be buying.

I can also recommend him the website where I recently discover so he can take a good look on the tickets for the famous Calgary Flames Tickets, Spiderman Tickets which we both love the see the most and the very exciting Nassau Coliseum Tickets can all be find on this website.

It is better to get a great deal a cheap seat with your tickets which you can only happen when you go and buy it at acheapseat.com. See this is why my husband would like me to surf or browse online because I gave him updates and options where to buy what.   


16 April 2010

A Web Hosting

I am still debating by myself if whether to get this blog a web hosting or not. I guess I got to try to gain the PR back from Google. Well see if I need to get a new name or not. It might take a while and sacrifices but I got to do this first before moving on.

But checking this webhosting from this website makes me wonder and excites more to get a hosting from them. Not only that I would have information with the high hosting with great deals from it too. I mean, who would like that? Buying a web hosting rating and get your web hosting directory? That's amazing.

Just like I said earlier, I am still in the stage on debating myself on whether to get one or not. I do have the resources now, what about you? If you want to buy a web hosting and would like to know about it first, just don't forget to visit the website first.


13 April 2010

I Resigned

I have been mentioning that I will be quitting my job right after I give birth. Well that didn't happen right away, because I must submit a 2 weeks notice for a formal and professional manner on leaving your employer. One of the good thing that we did professionally. So for that 2 weeks notice I only worked for at least 6 days. At first I requested for cut of hours and only night shift til 9pm but due to business needs they can't accept my request. I asked for Monday, Tuesday and Saturday shift and right away they gave it to me. The question is, when I am at work earning, who is going to watch the baby? One main question, my in laws offered to watched him and I'm very much overwhelmed of the support they give. But I do know that they have their own lives and family to attend too. I just don't want to asked them always to watch for my own kid whereas I can watch it on my own. 

I do know that it is way too difficult here especially when you don't have your own family to be there for you because they were just 9 thousand miles away from you. So I made a big decision and leave the working place to raise my son on my own.


07 April 2010

ALL Gone

We all know that Mr. G has updated its pagerank again. And sad to say that I am one of those people's blog who were affected by the updates. I lose it and I don't know what else to do to get it back. I did my best to post unique entry and I do know that I am luck of encouragement to other bloggers to hop in my blog. My fault for the lose of the important thing that brings you more opportunity to earn income online.

Enough for blaming myself and my lack of participation to gain and maintain that pagerank. What else I can do? when they took it away is to make sure that I gain it back. I have to make sure to update as often as I can and encourage other people to visit my page. 

What about you? Have you got a good news from Mr. G?


06 April 2010

CD & DVD Burner

We have decided to bought this software at walmart, thinking this might be the software needed to burn DVD's. I am not sure if it is because for some reason, when I tried to burn image into DVD I couldn't find the extension of the pictures on the folder where I kept them. This guide? Is pretty much useless. I am not recommending this software if you need one for your writer, go by NERO. I am looking online where I can purchase the software or maybe the whole item. This one? Not good this isn't the burner that you think that it is. And we just wasted our $30.00 to purchase this one.


01 April 2010

Chiropractor is what I need

After giving birth to a very healthy baby boy 2 months ago. My body needs to be heal and at the same time getting a Utah chiropractor is what can helps me align those bones that was dis aligned during the delivery. All pregnant women should be able to visit a chiropractor to help them feel better and get their bones back to where it belongs. Because we don't know, mostly of us are not experts when pushing the baby out of this world. Especially when it is your first child. It is really different and all those bones, muscles and forces you needed must be exerted during that time. 

I have a friend who went to her chiropractor after a week that her doctor told her she can go. Never hesitated to visit and now she's feeling even better and as if nothing hurts on his whole body. So she recommended and told me to make sure that I asked my doctor when would be the time that I could go and visit a chiropractor. Thanks to my friend for the advice I am now feeling better than ever.


Entrecard Droppers for March

I thank you for the drops once again. Every last day of the month is one way of showing the gratitude we have for those who dropped in our blog. And today I am thanking them all they are;

Lakbay Philippines
In This Life Of Ours
Jean sQuared
Girls Are Made of Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice
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Everything Has A Reason
Product Reviews Von Mir
Vegetable Garden
Wirez and Circuitz
free internet marketing ebooks


Banner Stand

I must look online for a nice and cheap banner stands. I tried looking it up in the stores we have here but I was unfortunate enough not to find any at all. I can use this on every occasion or event my family will be having here. It would be awesome too if you have a nice banner stand to hold your banner. Because it is portable and comfy to look at, not just having trouble looking for and empty spot to hang your banner. Or even clear that area to make sure we have room for the banner. What if we are outside? The event is an outdoor? there is no way that you just need to put up a tent for the sake of having a spot for the banner. Like I said, this is one great convenient stand to use and can reuse on every banner to hang on this. They have so many variety to choose from. So it would be up to the customer on what kind of style would they prefer. I guess I better start do my shopping now since my son is getting bigger and bigger and the more he grow the more event we are going to have at home.

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