16 April 2010

A Web Hosting

I am still debating by myself if whether to get this blog a web hosting or not. I guess I got to try to gain the PR back from Google. Well see if I need to get a new name or not. It might take a while and sacrifices but I got to do this first before moving on.

But checking this webhosting from this website makes me wonder and excites more to get a hosting from them. Not only that I would have information with the high hosting with great deals from it too. I mean, who would like that? Buying a web hosting rating and get your web hosting directory? That's amazing.

Just like I said earlier, I am still in the stage on debating myself on whether to get one or not. I do have the resources now, what about you? If you want to buy a web hosting and would like to know about it first, just don't forget to visit the website first.

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camilyn 15 May, 2010 07:25  


You have an interesting blog. One important thing in SEM is building links through multiple websites. But while hosting multiple websites you should make sure that these websites are hosted on multiple ip addresses. One such websites for SEO hosting is www.multipleiphosting.com.

anil 12 May, 2011 03:18  

nice post keep on going.

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