30 August 2010

One more day

It is nothing special going to happen on the next day. It is just that after this last day of August. September will comes next. What's in it? The "ber" months will be next and meaning that December is nothing faraway. Time flies so fast, knowing that on the next day it will be the first day of September we won't know that on the next day it will be Christmas. And more holidays is coming by the next and next month.

While outside enjoying the 2 last day of August. I have noticed since I arrived here in US about this Handicap Vans that passes by our house. I told myself, people here are very lucky because there is such a vehicle that suits their needs and will transport them to their destination without experiencing too much hassle. Way  back in my hometown, we don't have those. So for those handicap people who would like to go somewhere and enjoy mother nature. Before they get there, they have to ride on an uncomfortable transportation first. I do hope that someday there will be such a vehicle implemented in my hometown to give comfortability to those handicaps we have.


29 August 2010

Oh Pancit Canton on this furniture....

This is what I had for dinner one night. When all of a sudden I wanted to eat pancit canton because I really misses eating it. I could remember when I was in Philippines that whenever I got tired of making full meal, I will make an instant noodle instead. Enjoying the taste of tangy and yummy I could not ask for more.

This would be much better to have when you have this on a rustic furniture. Of speaking of which, I definitely needed a table where I can put all the baby stuff that we needed instantly. I am glad with the convenient of online shopping I can totally shop without going to the store to look for one the suits my taste.


10 August 2010

Cantaloupe Juice and a coffee

One of my favorite juice that is a homemade. I like cantaloupe so bad since I don't have the scrapper  I decided to just cut them into a small squares put water in a pitcher and then add sugar. 

For best result, better drink them on the next day because you can really taste the cantaloupe juice in the one that I made. 

And for some reason, my partner never likes it at all. I enjoy the whole pitcher for myself.

I was also browsing online one drink that I enjoy is coffee. I want to try the different kind and I might be able to Buy Coffee Online. It will be easiest, convenient for me and for others who can't go out because they don't have a car where they can drive into. I love the gourmet and thank goodness I will have it soon now that you can actually buy one online.


04 August 2010

If you need a lawyer

I must tell you the truth that I never have so many knowledge when it comes to finding a good Austin Injury Attorney to recommend to people who might be needed one. So, I decided to teach myself and make sure that I know where to run into once I need one. I surf online and that is what I found. I have so many resources in that attorney and even reviews from them. They have help so many cases and even give satisfaction to their clients. 

For some reasons, there are so many ways to get injured in this place. Because people just love to be adventurous they will sometimes risk  their health and never looks for what might be the consequences. 

It is really hard to stop people especially when they will think that you are into their business where all you have to do is warn them. Oh well, that's their life the only thing I can do is make sure that whenever they will asked me for help especially when finding a good injury attorney I have a firm to point out too.


03 August 2010

Still Hunting

When you are at home and doing nothing except taking care of your son and becoming a full pledge mother and wife to them? Sometimes you want to experience working from home. It is something that you can earn from. Spend my own money at the same time enjoyed working while I do know that my son is in good hands. I kid you not that it is really hard to find jobs or shall I say legitimate jobs online. There might be spams that will fool you. But I am pretty sure of this one that I found because I research about this and I know that I can trust and hopefully I will be able to get  jobs. I can't wait for another experience and challenge in life I'll be having. Of  course having my son is a great experience, but I want more. I know I should not over work or something but trust me getting a part time job is really fun.

The question is, what will I do if I got hired from one of the company that I was applying with and needs me to be relocate in a different place? That will be another way to compromise with my husband. But for now finding a Chico Apartments isn't bad. It is better to have everything ready before cramming in the last minute.

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