03 August 2010

Still Hunting

When you are at home and doing nothing except taking care of your son and becoming a full pledge mother and wife to them? Sometimes you want to experience working from home. It is something that you can earn from. Spend my own money at the same time enjoyed working while I do know that my son is in good hands. I kid you not that it is really hard to find jobs or shall I say legitimate jobs online. There might be spams that will fool you. But I am pretty sure of this one that I found because I research about this and I know that I can trust and hopefully I will be able to get  jobs. I can't wait for another experience and challenge in life I'll be having. Of  course having my son is a great experience, but I want more. I know I should not over work or something but trust me getting a part time job is really fun.

The question is, what will I do if I got hired from one of the company that I was applying with and needs me to be relocate in a different place? That will be another way to compromise with my husband. But for now finding a Chico Apartments isn't bad. It is better to have everything ready before cramming in the last minute.

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