30 August 2010

One more day

It is nothing special going to happen on the next day. It is just that after this last day of August. September will comes next. What's in it? The "ber" months will be next and meaning that December is nothing faraway. Time flies so fast, knowing that on the next day it will be the first day of September we won't know that on the next day it will be Christmas. And more holidays is coming by the next and next month.

While outside enjoying the 2 last day of August. I have noticed since I arrived here in US about this Handicap Vans that passes by our house. I told myself, people here are very lucky because there is such a vehicle that suits their needs and will transport them to their destination without experiencing too much hassle. Way  back in my hometown, we don't have those. So for those handicap people who would like to go somewhere and enjoy mother nature. Before they get there, they have to ride on an uncomfortable transportation first. I do hope that someday there will be such a vehicle implemented in my hometown to give comfortability to those handicaps we have.

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