15 January 2011


I have a great day. I started it with a wonderful morning and I can say ends wonderful too. I have received alot of blessings lately. I am now actually listening to song of praises because of the overwhelming feeling. I've been so blessed, lots of things happened most were unexpected. Thank you so much, Lord Jesus for always being with me and with my family. And Thank you Janrey, the Lord God made you his instrument to answer my prayers. To fulfill my wishes and shall I say, a dream. 

Through the years alot has happened, experiences completes me. It teaches me lessons, it widens my knowledge, it makes me wiser and smarter. There are bad experiences but most were good. Be it good or bad, i take it as Monaco Grand Prix. I do believe that if we'd make the most of our lives there are lots of ways or strategies we could apply and this can define the Monaco Grand Prix. If we are wise enough, we can apply certain formula to make resolutions to existing phenomenon. Life is a maze, would you agree? 

Thus, experiences makes as stronger. It gives as the strength to face another set of trial, test, another set of trouble. Solutions are in our hands. If we are strong enough to accept and play the game of life.  As we all know, no matter how wise we are, certain challenges arises in an unexpected time. It tests our patience, determination, perseverance, trust to ones self and of course the Faith. 

Lets prepare our own formula cause I believe there are just simple ways to go out from this LIFE we have. Going out with medal or trouphy.. going out wearing a great big smile, going out with satisfying outcome. 

2011 has just started, we should take time to meditate. Think over and over on how to change our life for the better. This way we may able to maximize the given or the alloted time for us to live. Let us all be winners in the end. Never stop fighting. Never stop believing... So, Dream, Believe & Survive.


14 January 2011


A Check is a negotiable instrument. It is drawn against the deposited funds, to pay a specified amount of money to a specific person upon demand. This is very visible most specially to businesses though many has its own checks as well to issue whenever needed. It's easier for us rather than getting cash out from our pockets. Also, it is indeed safer since we don't need to bring along with us  certain cash specially when it's a big amount of money.

company checks are very useful when entering into business, when we engage into businesses. Likewise, it is vital since its play a real major role in our day to day transactions. 

Try to imagine if company checks doesn't exist? How do you find convenience into our business transactions? Would the people or the employees will manage the money within the company? 

We are going to keep large amount of money in a place where we can't actually say its safe..even into our personal finances, imagine we have certain large amount of money are we going to bring it along with us everyday wherever we are? it will be harder and surely no enough security for us bearers. Thank God for that certain instrument, the so-called checks.


13 January 2011


Luckily I got two now after almost a month. Thanked God for the opportunities. Been tired writing something here but I was browsing inpostlinks hoping I could catch something for me to write on. But anyhow I got two then its fine now.

What about this? ratchet straps. When I read this what comes to mind is something like a belt more so since its a "strap..." really, I don't know anything about this ratchet straps. Would you give me idea about this? 

I have browsed over net and found a certain website where forum is active. One of my sites where there. The issue was, it is a scam. I was actually dismayed reading it because I took longer time in Net just to cope with its demand and now I found out that such site (would say it rather) is not actually paying. hmm.. How would I react on that? So guys, lets be careful with the sites we are joining where we are being paid. Needless to say that we should read on first about the site before entering into it. Going back to this write ups about the rachet strap, let me try this stuff and checkout how would I be able to apply this in my daily activities. It might as well a useful collection of straps with very good quality and an excellent value".

You may click on the site and see for yourself. 

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