28 February 2011

Just an update...

I was gone for long time here and hopefully that I will keep coming back in order to give everyone an update. What I have been into lately? Pretty much busy with life, husband and son. For those who might get confused. I am the other half part of this blog. No I am not the husband but a friend of the owner who gave me the permission to update the blog. I am glad she did because here I am now updating.

I used to share that weather we have in US in this blog. As for now, we are still on our Winter Season that mostly people who live in a four season country were no longer happy of the massive snows in our background. Our weather is kind odd, thanks to the Global Warming. We experienced warmer weather in consecutive days. Mostly of the snows were gone due to the Sun and Rain, but it all came back at once in just an overnight snowing. If only this snows were gold, we could be rich by now. Or at least all people on earth will all have money. It wouldn't be hard to look and buy gold bullion if we want too because you can totally find the one you trust. And mostly everyone will be enjoying bullion because it will be pretty easy to find. 

Oh well, let's keep hoping that soon enough winter will be over and spring comes faster that way all of us will enjoy outside of our own house. Before we keep thinking about gold bullion

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