30 December 2009

Snows were melt

I must say that after Christmas the snows were melting due the rain. The weather forecast were wrong again in predicting the weather before and after Christmas. Which is great because, too cold during and after Christmas? Just not a good idea.And unfortunately, after Christmas when I got up in the morning a great white snows were already on the ground and covers the whole place. Meaning from the day that you could see the green grass, it is all covered again with snow. And guess what, it kept snowing until now. Oh well, I can't blame the weather since it is already winter.


All I want is a Dining Furniture

As a woman when a family, I would love to have a new dining room furniture not just for the improvement in our house but also to have enough space to eat together with my whole family in the same table. I am really into this kind of style at home, to beautify what is need to be done and to make sure that my family is comfortable while staying at home.

Another reason to enjoy a good meal is not only serving your family a healthy and good food. But also you have to look where you put your food at and like I mentioned a new dining furniture for our dining room is one great way.

I really do hope that Santa is listening right now to grant my wish, as Christmas isn't over yet. All I want for Christmas is a new Dining Furniture.


27 December 2009

Blast Christmas Celebration

It is my second Christmas celebration here now and I have a blast celebration with my 2nd family too. Although nothing can compare the Christmas celebration the way we Filipinos celebrate it, but come on let us face the fact that we are totally in a different country. That they have different ways of celebrating the Christmas and Holidays.

It's great the weather is also amazing as it is not the cold and snowin'. The weather forecast is wrong. Lately after Christmas the snow were melt due to rain although it is still freezing outside at night.

What about you? Would love to hear how blast is your Christmas celebration?  


Just wanna have fun

Sometimes, I got so bored at home after work and the routinely things I am doing just really not gives me more excitement.I just want to have some fun while I'm on my holiday vacation before going back to work and face the reality of the world.

After blogging and searching, I want to try the famous online gambling instead of going to a pub or a place that I am not sure if it really safe to stay with. I mean, I'm comfy at home just want to have fun while I'm on my pajamas and hoping to earn and win money at the same time.

And guess what since I have tried this slots games before in the real casino place. I kept winning on this game and now I'm playing and enjoying the slots online and at home And I really do have so much fun playing on this slots games too.Now I did have fun while at home with online gambling.  


25 December 2009

May each and everyone have a

Glitter Graphics


23 December 2009

What Engine should I use?

The best that I can recommend for those who love to download free clear movies online is via Torrents Search and Download. It is one of the best search engine that I can recommend and think off. Aside from less in some adware and viruses it gives you the satisfaction guarantee of having a free movie download via those people who give effort to share what they have. Since, I would rather have to download movies at home instead of paying too much to go to a cinema and watch a movie. Torrent Search Engine is what I kept using to find those great clear dvdrip movies. I am really satisfied so far to all the movies I downloaded from the website. Now if you would love to save some money and at the same time download free clear movies? Just make sure that you have use the Torrent Search Engine. You will never regret of choosing the website. They have also great and new movies, meaning all those movies or new movies you can get it from these website. I just love to have a free torrent search engine where you can freely download good and new movies.


245th post

Haven't notice lately that this entry would be the 245th entry that is in this blog.I didn't notice it not until now. Maybe because I'm too exhausted with other things aside from noticing these blog. It is not that I don't pay too much attention, it just really busy here. And I do hope you could help me with all these things.

But I am glad that it has more entries now than before, because that means only one thing. I have paid attention into this blog than before.


22 December 2009

I'm not really into it

I have so many problems in my life and in my family. And it is not that I am not paying attention to the government around me. It is just that I am not really into it when it comes to a political issues  . I might be a good contribution on those who opposed when some issues needs to be resolve and some problems that occurs. But aside from the stances that I have, sometimes they won't just give much attention to a middle class people. I shared my stances with my husband and sometimes we talked about the political issues we have not only on the local government we have but as well as the nationwide issues. We share it to some of our family members hoping that our stances will be voiced out. And will be heard not only by our local government but also pays attention to the issues. I have read, heard too much about these issues sometimes it is resolves sometimes things just have to be retain the way it should be. That is why I am not into political issues, because it just gives me too much headache.  


Secret Santa

The revelation of Secret Santo in our company was last Monday. I am overwhelmed of what I got and really love it. It is not all about me now, it is all about my incoming baby and I love it because the things that I got is all for him and definitely I needed them too. We only have a $5 limit so it is not bad to get these gifts. It should be secret but one of my coworker just told me who picked my name. Here's what I got;


21 December 2009

Lose weight

Where I worked at I could see so many pretty yet overweight people whether if it is a girl or a boy. And I was keep thinking how they handle their daily life without getting tired immediately. Instead of taking the stairs mostly would wanted to used the elevator to be much faster and quicker without any sweat to get on the workplace. Which I do find really lazy. I tried to used the stairs now that I am pregnant to at least have a minute or two exercise before working and before sitting the whole 8 hours on the floor taking calls. I wonder if they have been dreaming or planning on at least getting rid of those exist fats. I mean, there are so many Health Weight Loss that you can trust nowadays. And especially here that all the medicine in the market should be or will be inspected first by the Department of Health before releasing it to the market. So if they are so lazy to do exercise at least try to get rid of those unwanted fats by at least taking pills with the use of the health weight loss. I would not mind taking it, if I have done everything and nothing is working for me. That might be a great benefit for me to feel better, feel lighter and healthier too.


Too Early to get UP!

..isn't my thing at all. I have been up too early in the morning since I was a little girl, and all I just want too is to sleep a little more hour than waking up like 7am in the morning. I guess I was sick of it and I am not really the morning person. I can stay very late and work, than waking up to early to get to work.

And for almost 5 days now, I have to get up in about before or 7am to get myself ready. After the whole energy that I have for the whole day. My body is too exhausted to function for the rest of the day. Oh my!  


19 December 2009

Start Shopping

At the new online shopping of shopwiki. I am done with my shopping but my husband isn't yet. I am not sure when will he be going to finished all his list. I kept trying to tell him that aside from the store where we can go and tired ourselves there is an online website where he can actually purchase those item.

They have so many options and varieties to choose from and guess what you won't also tire yourself waiting for a long line in the counter.

I am not sure if he'll be able to take my advice but for those who haven't able to finish their shopping visit shopwiki.com for your convenience.


One more

 numbers Glitter graphics

 After submitting all the pending tasked I have, I finally got one more task pending and I'm finally done. Whew!!!! It is pretty much draining my whole brain on this pending task. Doesn't matter with me, sometimes while reviewing some task just really exhaust you right?

I still can't wait to have more!!!


Online Math Help

I am lucky enough shall I say that when it comes to Mathematics at school. I don't need that much help because of reasons that favors me. I got father, and brother who were Math PRO's and aside from that fact it isn't hard for me to learn and catch up to the lessons when it comes to number solving and formulas.

I am pretty much sure that there are others who share the same blessings as I do, it is not that I am telling the rest were just not as lucky as we are. I do admit that dealing with numbers and formulas it's really confusing. And nowadays there are so many ways to get help online. Have you ever heard about Free online Math tutoring? Eventually this is one of the advantage now, especially if you can't find someone's available to help you with your homeworks.

An online Math help is I can say the best way you can go. For those who are at school and struggling to learn more about Mathematics? There is the instant way for you to get help with. Check the website now for a Math help.


Pending Tasks

Yes, got tons of those. Maybe it is because of the absence in my blog. I have tons of them waiting to be accomplish and I can't wait to be done this undone tasked. Good thing it won't expire until I would decided to just decline the offer. These days I can't afford to decline every single opportunity as I needed moolah for gifts.

Better get going then.


18 December 2009

Insurance to be safe

I know a little bit about Insurance when I was still in the Philippines. Maybe because we are not paying too much attention about health insurance and stuff. I would rather pay for cash on my doctor's, dentist appointment because I don't have any idea when it comes on what would be a great benefit on getting an insurance.

I got learned all this things when I moved in US for good. Didn't know how important and safe to have your own family health insurance just in case of some emergency health problems and other things that we can't avoid.If you are not that rich enough to get your private health insurance company, other options to get one is via working. Lots of companies are offering great health insurance, or insurance that would help you and your whole family when you needed it.

Since me and my husband were not sure about having what would be the BEST insurance to get for our growing family. We simply get to know about Motor Trade Insurance. Both of us are working and since I would rather not to take our company's insurance we browsed and make sure that aside from the health insurance, we have also the auto insurance since we are driving a lot.


Rank in Bowling Tournament

Nice to see that after weeks of struggling to get a higher rank. Finally last night when the Boogie Jams Team played which they played by themselves. They beat up their own score, meaning they've got higher pins down than the previous one they got. And that puts them up all into a higher rank. They thought they won't make it but just to make sure that everyone is focus and having a blast during the games is worth it as  well.


17 December 2009

Should I pick it?

Soon enough, a new member of the family is coming and live with us. We must have extra beds and before that happens we must have at least an options to pick weather to have wood or rather a metal beds. You see, there are so many options when you choose metal beds, they will last forever and aside from that it would be better choice for our incoming baby. I mean it is not that we are going to use that now, of course we would rather think of the future than be procrastinate it later right? I am sure that if it is you mommy's you would do the same thing. I would, I'm even excited and knowing that they don't have those plain metal beds now. You could actually find nice design and modern one that your kid would love and treasure.

That reminds me of my brothers double deck beds. My parents got them those and until now the bed is still working until we end up giving it to a relative who could use it more than we do. So I just can't wait for these at all. What do you think? Should I pick it?


Nothing Much?

If you have noticed that I wasn't been here that much, giving out updates on what's going on. It is because I was on training for work for almost 4 days now. I have to get up like 7:30am to get ready for work at 9:00 until 5:30pm.

All those time, I have to get ready before my sister in laws were picking me up and giving me ride to work. I don't want to miss it since it is snowing and freezing outside.

I got a week of training and pretty sure after that I'll make sure that I'll be back here for normal updates soon. Can't wait either. Hope you'll be able to come and visit or drop me some EC.. I really appreciate that.


How to lose weight instantly

Lately there were so many ways to lose weight if you are struggling to lose it immediately. I do, I have been doing so many ways and good thing that it is all working for me. So I don't need to try one losing system or program from one to the other. Another option if you can afford it is the well known as Liposuction, which mostly hollywood stars, or local Filipino artist are fan of doing with. I know pretty much sure who can afford it that actually have done liposuction a million times. It is safe if you did find the right doctor who will do your operations and stuff. Just to be aware that after the operation you will definitely have a bruised and beaten up body. Imagine all those fats that will be sucked inside your body with this thick tube that sucked all the fats. I'm a pain paranoid, but I just can't take how much pain they have. Oh well, it is not me, it is them and they need to look great so that people would like them even more. I won't blame them though, just makes sure they are aware of the consequences once they have done this operation instant or immediate weight lose.


Isn't just my Internet Connection or....

I have been trying to log in to my yahoo messenger lately. But for some reason it won't let me, Not sure why, and I just end up reinstalling the whole thing. But sometimes I still got problems though, and did try to change my password too.

Have you encountered this issue?


14 December 2009

Give a surprise Call

For my brother on his very special day which is his birthday would be a great idea. He might thought that I'm just sending him a message via sms today. But not today, using a great discount and deals with the help of cheap Calling Cards nowadays would give his birthday even more exciting.

He is my baby brother, and the only baby brother I have because obviously I'm the 5th child on the family and his the 6th child. My older sister reminded me that they went to this camping with his fellow co worker and had so much fun out there. And as I was thinking it would be a great surprise for him, if I will call him too.

I miss his voice too and talking over the phone without interruption using great and affordable callings cards now would not give me headaches even if I talk to him for over an hour. I can limit my minutes and buy another card once I'm calling my family way back home.


13 December 2009

Write what to blog first

That is what I have been doing lately, in order not to forget things to share with you guys. For some reasons I have been forgetting things more often than before now. Maybe due to the hormones and hopefully it'll goes back to normal.

I have been typing the titles for my post/entry so I won't forget and it is really working for me. What about you?


10 December 2009

Hubby's fixing the car

Recently he got issues about his car, maybe because of the slippery roads due to the snows on the road. I can't blame him, and even the car isn't brand new when he bought it. And now, before the winter and the bad days will consecutively go on, he mentioned that he has to finished fixing his car.

While, browsing online, I found a website where you can actually buy nice and affordable car parts. Without any doubt I shared him what I found and gave him the website.

Good thing his an open minded before he will be able to finalized on buying car parts. He told me that he'll able to surf that website and makes sure what exactly he needs to be replaced.


Hope anybody can help me

..with my problems on my other blogspot blog? I am not sure but I can't access to the layout and when you try to open my page it opens for a minute then later on it won't do anything. It keeps loading and loading as if there is such a big thing going on. Does anybody experience the same issue as I do?

Please I really appreciate any help regarding this issue. Here is the website ANGELS IN MY LIFE.. Just simply click the link and it'll lead you there.

This blog is okay, I can access to anything but the other one is really acting weird.

Thanks in advance.


09 December 2009

For the Weather outside...

...is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we've no place to go,Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow.... I am pretty much sure that this lyrics sounds really familiar. It is the first verse on the song entitled Let it Snow! Why am I singing and posting this entry? Because of two reasons, 1 is the weather is starting to frightful because winter is coming. It is starting to snow since the beginning of the week. 2nd it is because Holidays is also fast approaching. YES! Christmas is in the air now.

I am not sure if I would be sooooo happy for my 2nd Christmas here aside to be very thankful of the blessings God is given to me and my family here. Safety with my husband while his at work, and so much more.

I really missed my family in Philippines, and I tell you we [in the Philippines] celebrates Christmas way too different than here, we are more on simple but yet it's memorable. I don't say I don't have memorable experienced here because I do. I don't know it's just that I just missed the ways I used to have.


08 December 2009

Got more clocks

I remember our house in the Philippines. That every single room has wall clocks. I kid you not, we have so many wall clocks that if only we can do put it, we will put one in the bathroom. But we decided not too, we have 3 bedrooms and I tell you the each bedroom has clocks, living room, kitchen even our terrace.

It might sound that we are so abundant with clocks but that is just how we are fan of wall clocks. It starts from the old antique up to the modern and new designed in the market. One of the reasons, why we have so many clocks it's because my father kept winning from his Christmas drawings a great nice and worth to keep clocks.

Also it is pretty much advantage, why? because you don't need to go to this room just to check what time is it. A very convenient way that you have the clock right away whenever you want to check what time is it. That's one of the things that I missed the most in my home in Philippines. Here it is different we don't have much clocks we more rely to our VCR and cell phones.


06 December 2009

It gets colder every night...

When the winter gets closer the colder it gets every single night. Today we've got snowed and it did snowed that could cover the the whole place. Sun shines and go, but at least that helps to melt down all those snow laying on the ground. I could still see green grass and the leaves on the trees were no longer green. Some were yellow, red and others were totally fallin apart.

The whole place now is purely white, as if the world/place is so pure and not sins on earth. Like it but hopefully that the Winter this season would not be as bad as last year.


04 December 2009

Excited to bake for my Thanksgiving desserts

What did I made for the Thanksgiving dessert? Two things, pan de coco, and Sweet Rice cake [biko] as what they called it here. I started at 10am and have enough time to end all my desserts around 3pm. I am really glad that I can make some Filipino foods every holiday or if there is some occasion that way, my family here would at least experience what kind of food and how delicious they are.


02 December 2009

New Template

I'm sure if you keep visiting my page you have notice the new blogger template that I am using right now. A big thanks to the source Image and Design Copyright © 2008 Ipiet's Blogger Template | Supported by Blogger Template Gallery. They have collected so many templates that a blogger can choose from. I do admit that I can’t a template wizard but I sometimes do my best to improvise my pages. And since I am way to lazy to do my own, why not grabbing great designs from the prestigious designer. So, you might be noticing that once in a while I am changing my template it is because, I am trying all the designs that I like. And will stick to one that I finally choose.


Time consuming

Definitely a ravage of time while I am using the seamonkey browser, I’m sure I have blogged about this before the incident I encounter while using this browser and yet I end up still using the same browser. Too freakin’ slow, even slower then a turtle walking and yet it gets in your nerve and I had enough of it.

Maybe also one of the explanation behind this is my freaking computer RAM… yes the speed of my antique computer. I have to be more patient and pact with this antique because I can’t afford to buy a new one, especially when Christmas is coming soon. I must have to buy gifts for my family first than this pathetic computer.

I am not buying anymore RAM, nor do something about this computer. Or maybe I will just reformat the whole operating system after I got the new laptop. Well see about that.

It is really a time overshadowing when you are typing and you have to wait for the whole sentences to come out after you notice that you have mistyped the words. Imagine the distress I am occurring right now.


Why choose coalters

We are looking for a great agents where they could help us find a great deal when it comes to rent the space we have upstairs. This is one of the greatest ways we can earn and save extra income while our family isn't that big enough to use the whole house. I was looking for a great estate website where they can assist them with this inquiries.

Fortunately, I have found the coalters estate which really gives me the confident to know more about them. You can eventually get a free quote whether if its  to sell or to rent. I did go ahead and get a free quote for the house rent and can't even wait for the response.

Why did I choose coalters estate, it is because of so many reasons, they have the team you can trust, they are honest and integrity, at the same time, you know a company's performance once they have an award winning team. I can't wait to know the york estate agents closer in our area, so we can get started with the rent.

If you are looking for a great estate agents why not choose coalters, you can call them with toll number they have online.


01 December 2009

November 2009, Entrecard TOP 10

Whew! 1 more month left on this year and we will have a new year on the next month. I am very glad to inform everyone how grateful I am to these fellow bloggers who always drop by and spend time to drop me EC.

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