02 December 2009

Time consuming

Definitely a ravage of time while I am using the seamonkey browser, I’m sure I have blogged about this before the incident I encounter while using this browser and yet I end up still using the same browser. Too freakin’ slow, even slower then a turtle walking and yet it gets in your nerve and I had enough of it.

Maybe also one of the explanation behind this is my freaking computer RAM… yes the speed of my antique computer. I have to be more patient and pact with this antique because I can’t afford to buy a new one, especially when Christmas is coming soon. I must have to buy gifts for my family first than this pathetic computer.

I am not buying anymore RAM, nor do something about this computer. Or maybe I will just reformat the whole operating system after I got the new laptop. Well see about that.

It is really a time overshadowing when you are typing and you have to wait for the whole sentences to come out after you notice that you have mistyped the words. Imagine the distress I am occurring right now.

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