18 December 2009

Insurance to be safe

I know a little bit about Insurance when I was still in the Philippines. Maybe because we are not paying too much attention about health insurance and stuff. I would rather pay for cash on my doctor's, dentist appointment because I don't have any idea when it comes on what would be a great benefit on getting an insurance.

I got learned all this things when I moved in US for good. Didn't know how important and safe to have your own family health insurance just in case of some emergency health problems and other things that we can't avoid.If you are not that rich enough to get your private health insurance company, other options to get one is via working. Lots of companies are offering great health insurance, or insurance that would help you and your whole family when you needed it.

Since me and my husband were not sure about having what would be the BEST insurance to get for our growing family. We simply get to know about Motor Trade Insurance. Both of us are working and since I would rather not to take our company's insurance we browsed and make sure that aside from the health insurance, we have also the auto insurance since we are driving a lot.

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Medical Insurance 19 December, 2009 01:18  

When you are looking for health insurance or a private medical insurance plan, to ensure you get the best possible cover for all the major medical conditions and cancer it is important to consult with a specialist health insurance intermediary.

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Equity release mortgage 26 February, 2010 22:52  

Equity release schemes have proved very popular in recent years. As living costs rise, equity release schemes, which typically let you borrow money against the value of your home with the debt being repaid from its sale only after your death, seem an attractive solution to many cash-poor, asset-rich retirees.

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