06 December 2009

It gets colder every night...

When the winter gets closer the colder it gets every single night. Today we've got snowed and it did snowed that could cover the the whole place. Sun shines and go, but at least that helps to melt down all those snow laying on the ground. I could still see green grass and the leaves on the trees were no longer green. Some were yellow, red and others were totally fallin apart.

The whole place now is purely white, as if the world/place is so pure and not sins on earth. Like it but hopefully that the Winter this season would not be as bad as last year.

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Carolyn 06 December, 2009 21:42  

hi nov, pls check your email..nag email ko sa imo...

hapit naman diay ka manganak no? im so excited for you:-)


adrian 07 December, 2009 00:40  

i agree with you...very cold!!!

Badong 07 December, 2009 07:22  

same here in the Philippines! simply love this kind of weather.

Nisha 07 December, 2009 16:20  

I wonder how it feels to be surrounded by real snow.. unfortunately it doesn't snow here.. Happy week ahead :-)

josie 08 December, 2009 14:25  

here the air is getting colder, which reminds us that Christmas is just around the corner. LOL!

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