22 December 2009

I'm not really into it

I have so many problems in my life and in my family. And it is not that I am not paying attention to the government around me. It is just that I am not really into it when it comes to a political issues  . I might be a good contribution on those who opposed when some issues needs to be resolve and some problems that occurs. But aside from the stances that I have, sometimes they won't just give much attention to a middle class people. I shared my stances with my husband and sometimes we talked about the political issues we have not only on the local government we have but as well as the nationwide issues. We share it to some of our family members hoping that our stances will be voiced out. And will be heard not only by our local government but also pays attention to the issues. I have read, heard too much about these issues sometimes it is resolves sometimes things just have to be retain the way it should be. That is why I am not into political issues, because it just gives me too much headache.  

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