08 December 2009

Got more clocks

I remember our house in the Philippines. That every single room has wall clocks. I kid you not, we have so many wall clocks that if only we can do put it, we will put one in the bathroom. But we decided not too, we have 3 bedrooms and I tell you the each bedroom has clocks, living room, kitchen even our terrace.

It might sound that we are so abundant with clocks but that is just how we are fan of wall clocks. It starts from the old antique up to the modern and new designed in the market. One of the reasons, why we have so many clocks it's because my father kept winning from his Christmas drawings a great nice and worth to keep clocks.

Also it is pretty much advantage, why? because you don't need to go to this room just to check what time is it. A very convenient way that you have the clock right away whenever you want to check what time is it. That's one of the things that I missed the most in my home in Philippines. Here it is different we don't have much clocks we more rely to our VCR and cell phones.

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