26 November 2010

they were once the world to us .. then it happened, we grew up..

It's about our parents..

I was thinking that in reality a certain gap happens not only between us and our own kid but also between US and our own parents. From birth we have lived under their rules. They were the world to us then it happened we grew up.

 When we step into another stage of our lives (whether its's career, starting a family or going through a major change...) we often feel that we are independent enough to make our own decisions.
We commonly believe that our parents expects that they should be able to think like we do and when conflicts arise, we test or evaluate them from our own perspective of how an adult should behave.

Imagine a shelf already filled with books. when new books start to arrive, and space has to be made for them on that shelf, what happens? Whether you remove the old books or retain your favorites, still, some books must go. Some of us may have unconsciously likened the old and less favorite books to our own parents..

We sometimes take them for granted, without considering that at their age, they have worries too: health, memory gaps, and even less mobility.. there are a lot of things they can't do anymore. They can look back on their lives, how they fared in their youth, maybe even feel some regret. In all this, whether they admit it or not, they turn to us for comfort.

They may not be the decision makers anymore, but our parents still wish to be heard and acknowledged. If they tend to be tactless and callous, it's because they feel left out. Even in their infirmity, they hope they remain a vital presence in our lives...


22 November 2010

baby feeding

I am surprise on how Audrey learned to eat by herself. Look at the evidences. I just got it lately. Actually, she started doing this while she's 1 year & 3 mos. old. I have not trained her to do these but maybe because kids like her age are very curious on their surroundings and they're known to be the great impersonators so they do what they are seeing. 

How do you train your baby to feed themselves?  I read a while ago that when it’s feeding time, let us take away all toys in front of them. This is reinforce the idea that when it’s time to eat, baby should focus on eating and chewing alone. Give them a small part of biscuit  & put it in their mouth and then put the biscuit on their hand. When they like the taste of the biscuit, they will surely put the biscuit in their hand to their mouth.

Also, I have applied what I have read before which is to eat with your baby. Place them in a high chair and let them see you eat. Babies learn very fast. In no time, they’ll imitate what you’re doing and learn how to feed themselves on their own. Always have a glass of water near your baby and make them drink frequently. You'll see.

Conversely, the development of  babies are different from one baby to another. When your neighbor’s baby learned eating their own at 6 months, you should not be worrying when your baby is not yet holding their feeding bottles at 8 months old. Just be patient enough in training them and let them learn at their own pace.You will be surprised one day just like the way I was surprised.


Effective parenting starts with conversation - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Effective parenting starts with conversation - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos


18 November 2010

New Technology Products

Technology innovates so fast. At present is too high tech. But how do technology changed our lives? There are alot of changes happened. It becomes easier for us to do something or to get something easily done because of technology but have you thought of its effects into human being? 

When we get sick way back 25 years ago our parents, I remember usually  will just give us a hot compress, or we will be massaged and time to rest but as time passes and with technologies existence we are now taking  this so-called Tablet or any type of  medicine  but tablet is most known instrument once we get sick depending on its application which helps us recover from sickness easily. How does medicine in general affects our body? Have you ever wondered what its contents that we are taking? From one sickness to another? When we have cough, headaches, stomachaches, or any kind of aches and even the illnesses that is fatal.

I heard one time somebody shared that if human being is frequently taking medicine it will destroy ones kidney when they get older. Is this a fact? I am afraid that over years of taking medicines there would come a time that it will get back to me might give me a real serious problem. Is there any herbal stuff we could take to cleanse our body from toxic? We should think of something natural to take.



getting another latest mobile phone

Excited for hubby's return. It will take a longer time about 10 more months but I am looking forward to get or receive  his promise. To give you an idea he promised to buy a certain brand new mobile phone somewhere in foreign countries. He will give to me for many reasons. Well, I am thinking of something which is latest right now something that is Nokia touched screen. What do you think?

I am excited thinking to have a Mobile Wallpapers where our faces will be visible to my phone,Audrey, Daddy Janrey and yours truly. I can't deny the fact that I'm getting more excited each time I think about it. I'm sorry but I can't help but feel it.

It doesn't have to be so much expensive but any model that is touched screen mobile phone will do and where I can personalize it. I will be changing my wallpaper each time we have new pictures together. This way, wherever I go they will remind me of their presence. I can see them most of the time even we are in a distance specially in our case where Janrey frequently leave for work. At least, I will get to see him day by day..each time the phone is with me. I hope it will just be simple yet useful. Do you like to change your mobile wall paper each you have new cutie pictures?

I am looking forward for it. I will soon post a picture of it. Hoping for it.


making sense out of nothing at all

I am running out of time now. My baby just go to bed and here I am now rushing to grab some opps. I wish to grab at least 2. How was your day by the way? I have a tiring day. I was busy at work I prepared a certain report fortunately I was able to finish it. 

I have just read this Chinese drywall lawyer. What comes to your mind? My brain isn't running well. Maybe I'm too much tired from work and I don't get enough sleep because being so busy with this blogging stuff. 

How is things going with you? I am missing my hubby to be so much. I hope he will call tonight. I'd like to hear his voice and share something to him. The last time he called was last Sunday when Audrey and I went to Susana Homes Subdivision to visit her "Lola & Lolo" also her Aunties & Uncles. It's still Thursday, I think I can expect another call later on maybe this Sunday again.

Nothing much to say but good luck for me. I am now so busy at work, doing household chores, baby sitting and grabbing opps, writing some post as well. I go to bed late at night and woke up early morning to prepare Audrey's needs and my preparation before I go to work. And when I'm at work, I couldn't even comb my hair because its too too busy at the office. 

I hope everything is going fine with you there. Bear with my writings. I know this is kind of a boring stuff but I'm really trying so hard to make some sense. I still need a little longer time to adjust and increase my appetite in writing.


17 November 2010

a scent of something ain't good

Been waiting for this I thought I have nothing to get but I was surprised to grab another one.

I am busy chatting with friends when I thought of visiting to see or check if there is something for me and hey I grabbed one. What is this all about scent of marijuana? Do you guys out there tasted or smelled its scent? Can you at least describe ?  Would you want to comment on this? please do.

 What else can I say to this post when my mind is not here. I am actually rushing to cope with the unattended messages left for me from friends who are online. Leaving hundreds of messages. I cannot respond all at once. I hope they can wait. 

Guys out there please do not patronize marijuana otherwise, you will face the consequences.

I am actually tired this day. I had so much work and when I arrive here at home my baby keeps on crying. She wants me to carry her. My gosh! She's kind of a big girl. I cannot afford to carry her for hours. Luckily, she's asleep that is why I can write some blog post. I have grabbed one. Yeahey! more opps please.

To be honest I am running out of words but I hope this will work. see yah!


are you ready to leave?

Indeed life is very important. Would you agree? Few weeks ago  my office mates (ms. weng) mom died. She shared that her mom is a vegetarian, very conscious with what she's eating, very workaholic, and a happy person. They see their mom as very healthy person and they cannot even remember when their mom got sick. The death was really sudden according to them. Before it happened she just woke up and when she stood up she collapsed. They rushed her through the hospital but the doctor declared she's dead on arrival. 

 The family was really hoping and praying for a revival. They could hardly accept the fact that their mom is gone. They have no idea what made her collapsed. When the doctor talked to the family member, he said, your mom has been keeping her illness. She has a heart problem over years and she's been so brave and strong to keep it. No one knew about it even her husband. They all cried and regretted. Cried because they cannot afford to carry the burden of being left. Regretted because they never spent even a short time to bond with her. 

Ms. Weng shared to us that they have not prepared for it both emotionally & financially. Borrowed money to pay for hospital  expenses, preparation for the burial, etc.. they face all of these. 

So now I thought of giving a certain share from my salary this way I can prepare for myself  anytime I left. We will never know when our time is, right? or for my love one. I should Buy Life Insurance now I know this will definitely help me.

I became so afraid of what I heard from their true story. This is a reality that would come no matter how  we deny it. Are you prepared to leave? Are you prepared if one of the family members leave? What can you give? If you're still unprepared, when are you going to prepare? 


16 November 2010

getting the wrong time

I went to bed late last night because I was too busy writing something in my blog. When I woke up I look at our clock and it was 8 AM already.. I get up and took my breakfast. I work so fast to cope with my unattended chores last sunday. I do the laundry around 10 am then showered baby Audrey then let her sleep, I washed her feeding bottles, cleaned our room, etc.. I checked out the clock and its around 11:30 and so I took a bath then went on to computer to write blogs however I noticed that I am getting hungry. I checked out the clock and its like 11:30 still so, I was thinking, 30 minutes more to eat lunch, no second thought I just continue what I was doing until my baby woke up but still the clock says 11:30. It was the only time I realized that it is malfunctioning. oh! 

I should get another clock I guess. Blessed to have this howard miller grandfather clocks  I will check something different and of good quality. I heard this is excellent. 

Time is indeed is important. We should get the right time this way we may able to manage our time..to divide our time with our day to day activities. Try to imagine if you you are not getting the right time? you would just wait and wait until you realize you are too too late.


15 November 2010

Investment Advisory Service

Nowadays we are very much into crisis. What do you think are the reasons behind? The factors that affects our stability? There are a lot of student tried so hard to finished a certain degree and looking forward  to manage a certain business of their own or expecting to be employed  one day. But facing the real world, only few people are given the chance to be hired or are blessed to successfully manage a certain business and get people to work with them. I may not elaborate more on this matter but whatever reasons or factors that affects our economy lets make sure  that we're able to cope and solve our financial problems to whatever strategies we think would help us. We need to make solutions to problems. Lets not stop trying different ways or strategies to resolve it.

Try to save or invest? How is saving differ from investing? Are you well educated about how to invest and how to save? Do you have something to contribute, I mean strategies we could apply in order to generate income or profit? 

How about this Wicked Profits lets see how this works.  This is actually an investment advisory service which focuses in making consistent returns. Should this help us, it depends on one's interest and application. I hope this will make sense to you.


doing the right thing

I have been thinking of so many things on how to spend my leisure time while baby Audrey Venice of mine is asleep.. I get to talked to my long time angel named nova. She's now helping me again and this time I must be sure I could generate an extra income. I hope this will work.

It isn't easy since I am new to this kind of stuff but let me start doing the right thing instead of making my hands busy typing..talking to friends, you know gossip. To start with,  I am now doing something related to this so-called  webhosting what comes to your mind when you read this? do you have any idea about this? Feel free to say something or  raise up questions. It is accepted and appreciated.

Really time runs so fast. I cannot afford to let the time pass without making something useful.. I hope this will be a good start as Nova helps me in this kind of stuff. Hoping I am in the right track now since I learned to finally open the doors for new learning. But surely I will be gaining more advices to her later on  since she's been doing this for years however, I will still need her  help & patience until I stopped asking her questions on what to do, how to do, etc.. She's an expert already.. yeah, she is.  I hope to learn more until I become expert too. Good luck for me should I say.


04 November 2010

Comfortable bed

If you want to sleep through the night without noticing your partner's movement you can find one great bed at rustic bedroom furniture. They have everything you need, from the bed accessories up to the entire room. Check it now!

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