18 November 2010

making sense out of nothing at all

I am running out of time now. My baby just go to bed and here I am now rushing to grab some opps. I wish to grab at least 2. How was your day by the way? I have a tiring day. I was busy at work I prepared a certain report fortunately I was able to finish it. 

I have just read this Chinese drywall lawyer. What comes to your mind? My brain isn't running well. Maybe I'm too much tired from work and I don't get enough sleep because being so busy with this blogging stuff. 

How is things going with you? I am missing my hubby to be so much. I hope he will call tonight. I'd like to hear his voice and share something to him. The last time he called was last Sunday when Audrey and I went to Susana Homes Subdivision to visit her "Lola & Lolo" also her Aunties & Uncles. It's still Thursday, I think I can expect another call later on maybe this Sunday again.

Nothing much to say but good luck for me. I am now so busy at work, doing household chores, baby sitting and grabbing opps, writing some post as well. I go to bed late at night and woke up early morning to prepare Audrey's needs and my preparation before I go to work. And when I'm at work, I couldn't even comb my hair because its too too busy at the office. 

I hope everything is going fine with you there. Bear with my writings. I know this is kind of a boring stuff but I'm really trying so hard to make some sense. I still need a little longer time to adjust and increase my appetite in writing.

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