18 November 2010

New Technology Products

Technology innovates so fast. At present is too high tech. But how do technology changed our lives? There are alot of changes happened. It becomes easier for us to do something or to get something easily done because of technology but have you thought of its effects into human being? 

When we get sick way back 25 years ago our parents, I remember usually  will just give us a hot compress, or we will be massaged and time to rest but as time passes and with technologies existence we are now taking  this so-called Tablet or any type of  medicine  but tablet is most known instrument once we get sick depending on its application which helps us recover from sickness easily. How does medicine in general affects our body? Have you ever wondered what its contents that we are taking? From one sickness to another? When we have cough, headaches, stomachaches, or any kind of aches and even the illnesses that is fatal.

I heard one time somebody shared that if human being is frequently taking medicine it will destroy ones kidney when they get older. Is this a fact? I am afraid that over years of taking medicines there would come a time that it will get back to me might give me a real serious problem. Is there any herbal stuff we could take to cleanse our body from toxic? We should think of something natural to take.


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