17 November 2010

are you ready to leave?

Indeed life is very important. Would you agree? Few weeks ago  my office mates (ms. weng) mom died. She shared that her mom is a vegetarian, very conscious with what she's eating, very workaholic, and a happy person. They see their mom as very healthy person and they cannot even remember when their mom got sick. The death was really sudden according to them. Before it happened she just woke up and when she stood up she collapsed. They rushed her through the hospital but the doctor declared she's dead on arrival. 

 The family was really hoping and praying for a revival. They could hardly accept the fact that their mom is gone. They have no idea what made her collapsed. When the doctor talked to the family member, he said, your mom has been keeping her illness. She has a heart problem over years and she's been so brave and strong to keep it. No one knew about it even her husband. They all cried and regretted. Cried because they cannot afford to carry the burden of being left. Regretted because they never spent even a short time to bond with her. 

Ms. Weng shared to us that they have not prepared for it both emotionally & financially. Borrowed money to pay for hospital  expenses, preparation for the burial, etc.. they face all of these. 

So now I thought of giving a certain share from my salary this way I can prepare for myself  anytime I left. We will never know when our time is, right? or for my love one. I should Buy Life Insurance now I know this will definitely help me.

I became so afraid of what I heard from their true story. This is a reality that would come no matter how  we deny it. Are you prepared to leave? Are you prepared if one of the family members leave? What can you give? If you're still unprepared, when are you going to prepare? 

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Nova 17 November, 2010 10:08  

i say, the earlier you get ready for your life the better we don't know what's gonna happen to us one day...kawawa naman yong maiiwan na sila pag magburden sa expenses...

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