16 November 2010

getting the wrong time

I went to bed late last night because I was too busy writing something in my blog. When I woke up I look at our clock and it was 8 AM already.. I get up and took my breakfast. I work so fast to cope with my unattended chores last sunday. I do the laundry around 10 am then showered baby Audrey then let her sleep, I washed her feeding bottles, cleaned our room, etc.. I checked out the clock and its around 11:30 and so I took a bath then went on to computer to write blogs however I noticed that I am getting hungry. I checked out the clock and its like 11:30 still so, I was thinking, 30 minutes more to eat lunch, no second thought I just continue what I was doing until my baby woke up but still the clock says 11:30. It was the only time I realized that it is malfunctioning. oh! 

I should get another clock I guess. Blessed to have this howard miller grandfather clocks  I will check something different and of good quality. I heard this is excellent. 

Time is indeed is important. We should get the right time this way we may able to manage our time..to divide our time with our day to day activities. Try to imagine if you you are not getting the right time? you would just wait and wait until you realize you are too too late.

2 loves my post:

Nova 17 November, 2010 10:35  

you betcha! you are making me laughed here...

Spices of Life 19 November, 2010 06:58  

y? hehe! ako man pud makatawa sko posts oi. bisag unsa nalng akong gkyaw kyaw.. pero pwede na ni te novs? hehehehe. hai nko. kahiya.

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