27 November 2007

If we do not find anything very pleasant, at least we shall find something new.

It is time to break through the barriers that have held you back and held you down for such a long time.

Very often, we find ourselves stuck in a bad situation. With a wavering determination, you feel like giving up. It is at such times, that you need to energize yourself .. and so during the days i have been frustrated, i took the chance of climbing up on the "wall".--->

It happened Last February 12, 007 @ the NDDU field when i and Cecille [one of my precious friends] thought of wall climbing. and so, we have tried asking our pretty "boss_" to join us. unfortunately, she refused yet she supported us. we went there together and she brought with her her magnificent phone [char?!]. As what you can see, we captured pictures and it was all because of her effort.During such occassion, as my memory permits me, we are both depressed (i'm talkin' bout cecille and yours truly). i cannot remember exactly her feelings but mine was pretty fresh and that was..i had problems at home and my boyfriend was far away in Gensan and it hurts me much because we have no communication at all for almost 2 weeks and Valentines'07 is fast approaching. i cannot understand my feelings thinking of so many things which makes me feel so insecure. and so, i've made up my mind to do something unusual..

...you know what???! .. after such event, i was able to cope with my depression. [hehe or am i just being rational] atleast i didn't let myself regret without experiencing it though i don't have any expectation at all.
It was very fulfilling becuse i was able to reach the goal "the peak of the wall" [am i being so proud??? d:) ] And also, able to understand that LIFE IS LIKE A WHEEL and therefore, we must expect uncertainties. hence, LIFE MUST GO ON..

Indeed, Life is never without a dull moment.. yet there are always opportunities to cope, to strengthen us ...and to be THANKED of...


26 November 2007

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

love, love, LOVE... will i survive??
A lot of ink has been exhausted in writing about a variety of subjects like life, death, happiness, and grief. However, the one topic that has remained a favorite with authors, playwrights, poets, and laypeople alike has been: LOVE!While there are those who have been fortunate in finding the love of their life, there are others who are still searching for that someone special. Whichever category you fall into, the allure of the perfect love life fascinates each of us. well, luckily,i'm in a relationship right now. hopefully next month we will be celebrating our 2nd year aniv. oh we will be spending such occasion in different places.hehe one in manila and the other is here, in Gensan.. huhuhu yeah yeah because its been a long time since he left Gensan. if im not mistaken its already 3 months. he went there to apply and to work in a ship. he is a future seaman.
im missing him soooo much. i often spend my day thinking of some ways just to get there in Manila. to check out his situation, to hug him, to kiss him...huhu.how i wish i could see him so soon. i remember the time before he left Gensan, he said when december comes and he still have no work, he'll go home to celebrate christmas and also new year. however, i felt such plan so impossible to happen because of so many reason. well, its money... he had spend alot there since he's been into training.as one of his requirements, he must comply with it before a certain company can hire him plus he will still be taking alot of exam... whenever we talk over the phone, i can vividly sense that he's been hoping so much to work and finally put all his (our) plans into action. he is an ambitious man, very determined, and his patience is almost overflowing... so ideal ... im very much afraid to end such growing relationship. i can say he's more than enough for me.. nothing can beat him. its been so long but we never missed to communicate despite of the hectic scheds we have, the tiredness he is feeling..he is very MA-Effort, sobra.. and hey, we almost tried different ways just to keep in touch.. we used SUncel, and tried all the different unlimited texts and calls[both TM and SC], we email each other[yahoomail and friendster], we go chatting every weekend atleast 1 hour viewing each others cam [except when one of us is really busy] , etc...but know what...it wasn't easy..it wasn't enough... its very very different.but i can i say "at least..."
i've been supporting him all the time but the hardest thing i've done was when i never gave him any reasons for him to have his second thought of not leaving me behind. i did it because i know he should.. i always support him though its pretty hurting. he made his choice to leave but he had never gave me any reasons to feel hopeless, to doubt and to give-up our relationship instead he remained as how he makes me feel important, special and loved. of course it was very far different as when he is nearer with me.. but still i appreciate it and nothing has changed.i guess you are thinking of something like "why i'd let him leave"..well,it was for a certain reason, considering all the reasons [family, future etc.].. it was very hard on my part but as my way of expressing the deep love im feeling towards him, how i trust him, i did support him all the way..cause theres something im certain of..he'll come back. i did touched his life and i'm confident that no one could do more than what i did...and i believe that his promises will come true, in time. God is our strength..
when u get the chance to understand my point... please feel free to give advices. thanks alot. well, do you think i can survive???

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