21 September 2010

Finally a Warm Day

After rain and cold days we have after the summer we finally got one day warm weather. Right after I checked about CAT 2011. The father of the kids that I babysit arrives. So me and my son hit the side road for a walk. I never know how long we walked today because I was really exhausted due to the warm weather. Now, I am not complaining though but sometimes I don't exercise that much.

But inspite of that, we both enjoy the stroll outside I can only wish that there will be more day like this that way we can walk all the way home until winter comes and we all hibernate again. 

Even though I still have fear of crossing the street, I manage to get us home both safe and sound. There are still some nice people who let us cross the street first. But over all I enjoy this day.


16 September 2010

Oh it rained

After days and days of cold, it finally rain for the first time within this week. I don't say I don't like it but it is better than having 50 degree Fahrenheit outside. You can't go out without putting your jacket on and a shoes.  I made a good soup this time and it is a pork stew. I love eating that food plus a rice with it. Very yum. 

While I munching my food on the table I was thinking of buying a nice Contemporary Furniture for our home. It would be nicer to have this kinds of furniture to match what you have and the same time they are pretty nice that your visitors will really appreciate them.

I want to shop online of course, as we only have one car and I can't still drive yet. Might as well go online with the comfort of our home and not getting wet by the rain outside. Add it up into my wishlist and by then if hubby asked me what I want for near occasion then I have one handy.


15 September 2010

Enjoying while Searching

It is not too late yet to go to a summer vacation since some part of the country is still warm. You can still enjoy the warm inviting beach and you can still get a hotel deals. Which isn't bad because they are more cheaper and it will offer you the convenient and comfortable rooms.

If only me, our son and my husband could go and visit other states and live for a day or two using this hot deals, we already take it. This kind of deals is pretty much rare especially if you are looking for a good hotels. Oh I can't wait. And I do hope that by next year they will have this kind of hotel deals, pretty we will get it.

At the same time while enjoying we can search and read more about Wade Grindle MD. It is a doctor that might help us with my husband's health.


11 September 2010

We are in 50'S

Oh no... not the year but our weather. Summer is almost over now and here comes the Fall Season. It starts getting really cold at night. And soon enough no more sleeveless and shorts outside the house. We will starting to wear long sleeves, coats and jackets. So far this day is the chilliest among all other day for the month of September.

By the way, never heard some annoying things from upstairs neighborhood lately. Glad it happens because sometimes whenever I really need a quiet hours for my son's nap no loud bangs that I heard lately. Maybe he finds local girls dating lately too. That's awesome, I just don't know how lonely he'll be just by himself at night. Or maybe he is used to is. But will see what's going on.


09 September 2010

I'm looking

Oh not for me, but for an old friend way back in my hometown. What I am looking for? An online date for her. I know I told myself that whenever I have time, I can look for a nice and decent guy for him. My friend, deserves to have someone to be with her, comfort her and love her not just work, work and work.

She's working in a private University where I worked at before and until now she doesn't have time to mingle or date man for she's really busy with her work responsibilities. Well, I better start it now and before it gets really late for her. I mean when it comes to love the most important part you have to look for a lifetime partner is his attitude. 

I am starting it by looking at south african singles meeting. I do hope that I can find at least some of single men here that is for real. They better be or they'll be reported as fraud. Now I'm even more enthusiast with this.


07 September 2010

What kind of weather

...we have this past few days. After the consecutive rains we have last week finally this day we have a clear and a high of 82F temperature. It will be my chance to go to the store with my son. But for some reason I got hit by laziness. Good thing my SIL and Niece Madi came by to see us. Great to know because I haven't seen Madi for a long time. It's nice to be at home with your in laws and just talk or update each other. Chrissy [another sister in law] came by too since she had the car.

After an hours of them to be here. They decided to left so that my son could have his afternoon nap. Then those are the times that I have to make sure I have taken my shower, clean the house and eat my lunch. Of course I make sure that my son eats first before I do. 

Then I become productive. I decided to make an Anniversary Card for my husband because it will be a smart idea to make one instead of spending my money. At the same time I can make nice Cards such as business cards and I can do a free business card too as a sample to my customers.


02 September 2010

Bacon and Cheese Breakfast and the thought

That is my favorite breakfast every day. I like it much because it has a bacon and cheese and egg inside it. It is not as bulky as you think but its really delicious. 

It all started when my hubby keeps buying this for his everyday breakfast. And he spare one for me. I like eating it until one day we went to the store to buy foods for home. I told him what was the name of the breakfast he's been eating lately. And he finally introduces me with this toast. There is all starts. Now we keep buying this because this I would love to eat for breakfast. I usually don't eat breaky until now. 

While eating this yummy food in my plate and while munching it. I remember the adventures me and my hubby had two years ago. Mountain climbing is one of them and it was so much fun. The Island hopping we did was also amazing. I hope someday when we visit Philippines again. We will able to do more and definitely climb again. Have to make sure too that since I move into a different environment I'll have the same strong Immune Support. Will see. Just can't wait for that day.

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