21 September 2010

Finally a Warm Day

After rain and cold days we have after the summer we finally got one day warm weather. Right after I checked about CAT 2011. The father of the kids that I babysit arrives. So me and my son hit the side road for a walk. I never know how long we walked today because I was really exhausted due to the warm weather. Now, I am not complaining though but sometimes I don't exercise that much.

But inspite of that, we both enjoy the stroll outside I can only wish that there will be more day like this that way we can walk all the way home until winter comes and we all hibernate again. 

Even though I still have fear of crossing the street, I manage to get us home both safe and sound. There are still some nice people who let us cross the street first. But over all I enjoy this day.

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Yen 02 October, 2010 11:27  

Yes, I believe there are still nice and good people roaming around and are willing to give us a hand when we need a lift. :)

NovaS 20 October, 2010 13:21  

yen: so so true...

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