09 September 2010

I'm looking

Oh not for me, but for an old friend way back in my hometown. What I am looking for? An online date for her. I know I told myself that whenever I have time, I can look for a nice and decent guy for him. My friend, deserves to have someone to be with her, comfort her and love her not just work, work and work.

She's working in a private University where I worked at before and until now she doesn't have time to mingle or date man for she's really busy with her work responsibilities. Well, I better start it now and before it gets really late for her. I mean when it comes to love the most important part you have to look for a lifetime partner is his attitude. 

I am starting it by looking at south african singles meeting. I do hope that I can find at least some of single men here that is for real. They better be or they'll be reported as fraud. Now I'm even more enthusiast with this.

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