16 September 2010

Oh it rained

After days and days of cold, it finally rain for the first time within this week. I don't say I don't like it but it is better than having 50 degree Fahrenheit outside. You can't go out without putting your jacket on and a shoes.  I made a good soup this time and it is a pork stew. I love eating that food plus a rice with it. Very yum. 

While I munching my food on the table I was thinking of buying a nice Contemporary Furniture for our home. It would be nicer to have this kinds of furniture to match what you have and the same time they are pretty nice that your visitors will really appreciate them.

I want to shop online of course, as we only have one car and I can't still drive yet. Might as well go online with the comfort of our home and not getting wet by the rain outside. Add it up into my wishlist and by then if hubby asked me what I want for near occasion then I have one handy.

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