29 June 2010


I was planning to buy a log bunk bed for my son. Someday he will be big enough and would not be able to fit in his cradle. Might as well, be get ready for the future. This kind of bed we plan to get for him in the future. They have nice design and our little boy might also like it.

I got to make sure that I will talk this with my husband and before that I will be able to make sure that his room will also be ready before we got his bed. I can't wait. I know I am even more excited for my son. If you want to check it out just follow the link.


26 June 2010

Income is flooding

I thought that since I decided to be a full pledge mother and wife, I won't have any incoming income. Aside from the blogging reviews I'm taking once in a while. We do admit that the opportunity on the blog world recently is not as booming as before. They're might be reviews but yet it is not worth enough to take it. I prayed and prayed that God will help me and give me a sideline here in US. It is way too difficult if you don't have income on your own. I don't want to ask money from my husband because it is awkward for me. 

One day, God has answered my prayers. He used this person to enhance my talent. Manicure and pedicure with a Filipina here and others have noticed the pretty job I made and she eventually told them, that I clean fingers and nails. Now, that they know I work at home, or will soon do home service it would be a good income for me. I will earn money from this, things that I love to do.

I will be able to help my husband in some ways and things at home. Like fixing and getting a san diego wood fence. I want to have a wood fence because neighbors dog always poops in our yard and no matter how I tried to wait I could not see them doing it. Our yard smells dog poops all the time. 


25 June 2010

Loud Bang

One night that our tenant came home apparently very drunk that he didn't noticed how late it was at night. He already made a very loud noise when he climbed the stairs. And when he reached his bathroom, he consistently made again 3 tremendous noise. I don't know what it is but I had enough of it. So, I told my husband to make sure he'll text the tenant and ask him to watch out what he was doing. Because the baby is already sleeping and even if I don't mind it? Now I do because I don't want to scared my son for the reason of the things our tenant chooses to do.

Husband message him, tenant replied back. And in the morning, he came down and apologize I bet he was really embarrassed of the distraction he did that night. I do know that he might not be aware of how loud he can create, but knowing that there are people who live downstairs, very late at night with a baby. It is a common sense to give respect, I don't care what he will do but please for the baby's sake try not to create extra noises as possible. Okay enough of it.

The next thing that I would like that we have is a playground. Seeing that our son is growing so fast, and he is an outside door kind of kiddo I told my husband to have a playground in our empty backyard. He will be needing a Playground Equipment to build a swing, slide or just something where our son can enjoy spring, summer and fall. This is a good way to introduce to our son the outdoor activity he can do before snows hits our place.


12 June 2010

He was really loud

I know I am venting with our tenant here. But what can you expect when they don't know how loud they were if you aren't telling them. I know we need money to save and pay for mortgage. This is also what my partner told me that we have to deal with once we will start having tenant upstairs.

I remembered, at first I was so excited to have someone living upstairs that way when my husband is at work during Saturday Night I have some company at home. Although, the person is upstairs we won't be just by ourselves. It is kinda freaky too you know.

Now, I didn't know that it will be loud and gets louder than I thought. Oh well, all I got to do is just vent. I have to move on with this situations. 

We went upstairs to check what did our tenant do on his new place. I have seen that he still needs a Office Chairs because he has his computer upstairs and I think in my opinion that he is doing some works at  home too. Maybe I can recommend him to visit this website.


07 June 2010

We have a tenant

After months and months that our upstairs is empty since my sister in law move to their own house.  Good thing because it will help us pay our mortgage at home and it will help us save big. We didn't ask for a big rent just something that will pay the monthly payment. Which is really nice because it is a very decent place upstairs and plus we are the owner we tend to attend anything that will needs to be fix. 

So far, so good nothing problems occurs yet. Since we have a bachelor which is my husband's co-worker in the company he is working now. We don't have problems like he will not going to ruin the place or so. And we are hoping that too.

I have no clue what is going on upstairs because that is not our business. We are just happy that we will have someone who will going to help us pay the house mortgage. Now will we are watching television and trying to hang out here, I have notice something about Video Production Austin TX.  Pretty much interesting and I have read more about it. Hopefully that I'll be more interested and know facts about video production. Who knows someday if I have enough money we can invest and produce in a video that is worth to do for.


04 June 2010

No more updates

Lately I have not updated this blog due to some very personal matter. I decided not to elaborate everything here. But now that I am back and I know exactly what to share here. I will be keep updating this blog as much as I can.

It will also be easier for me to update this since I have a new toy now that makes everything easy. It is not that simple to be a full time mother, take care of your son and making sure that you keep an eye on him.

Finally, we have brought this new toy to make things even more simple. I guess to share and send a thank you cards to those people who encourage me more to take care of this blog. Inspite of the hectic schedule that I have, I will take the risk and will try it once again. I do hope it will work out and will not left this blog empty handed again.

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