26 June 2010

Income is flooding

I thought that since I decided to be a full pledge mother and wife, I won't have any incoming income. Aside from the blogging reviews I'm taking once in a while. We do admit that the opportunity on the blog world recently is not as booming as before. They're might be reviews but yet it is not worth enough to take it. I prayed and prayed that God will help me and give me a sideline here in US. It is way too difficult if you don't have income on your own. I don't want to ask money from my husband because it is awkward for me. 

One day, God has answered my prayers. He used this person to enhance my talent. Manicure and pedicure with a Filipina here and others have noticed the pretty job I made and she eventually told them, that I clean fingers and nails. Now, that they know I work at home, or will soon do home service it would be a good income for me. I will earn money from this, things that I love to do.

I will be able to help my husband in some ways and things at home. Like fixing and getting a san diego wood fence. I want to have a wood fence because neighbors dog always poops in our yard and no matter how I tried to wait I could not see them doing it. Our yard smells dog poops all the time. 

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Yen 27 June, 2010 09:41  

Your so smart ate, and resourceful and talented too, I'm sure you'll earn well with that new home base job your planning ate. My mom used to dream of being manicurist outside the country before because according to her friends, It really earned well.God bless ate.

myti 27 June, 2010 18:15  

hmmp good idea day mao pud na akong buhaton pohon. hehe

NovaS 29 June, 2010 18:00  

@Yen: Thank you and sana more suki pa...

@Myti: uu pangitag kaila.. pangamiga jud day para duna kay kita sideline nimo. wa pay tax...

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