12 June 2010

He was really loud

I know I am venting with our tenant here. But what can you expect when they don't know how loud they were if you aren't telling them. I know we need money to save and pay for mortgage. This is also what my partner told me that we have to deal with once we will start having tenant upstairs.

I remembered, at first I was so excited to have someone living upstairs that way when my husband is at work during Saturday Night I have some company at home. Although, the person is upstairs we won't be just by ourselves. It is kinda freaky too you know.

Now, I didn't know that it will be loud and gets louder than I thought. Oh well, all I got to do is just vent. I have to move on with this situations. 

We went upstairs to check what did our tenant do on his new place. I have seen that he still needs a Office Chairs because he has his computer upstairs and I think in my opinion that he is doing some works at  home too. Maybe I can recommend him to visit this website.

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Yen 12 June, 2010 14:08  

Nice adlib ate. hehe, addtional income for the family, happy new tenant:-)

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