25 June 2010

Loud Bang

One night that our tenant came home apparently very drunk that he didn't noticed how late it was at night. He already made a very loud noise when he climbed the stairs. And when he reached his bathroom, he consistently made again 3 tremendous noise. I don't know what it is but I had enough of it. So, I told my husband to make sure he'll text the tenant and ask him to watch out what he was doing. Because the baby is already sleeping and even if I don't mind it? Now I do because I don't want to scared my son for the reason of the things our tenant chooses to do.

Husband message him, tenant replied back. And in the morning, he came down and apologize I bet he was really embarrassed of the distraction he did that night. I do know that he might not be aware of how loud he can create, but knowing that there are people who live downstairs, very late at night with a baby. It is a common sense to give respect, I don't care what he will do but please for the baby's sake try not to create extra noises as possible. Okay enough of it.

The next thing that I would like that we have is a playground. Seeing that our son is growing so fast, and he is an outside door kind of kiddo I told my husband to have a playground in our empty backyard. He will be needing a Playground Equipment to build a swing, slide or just something where our son can enjoy spring, summer and fall. This is a good way to introduce to our son the outdoor activity he can do before snows hits our place.

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Myti 25 June, 2010 19:35  

kabuang jud anang inong boarders day oi basin disperado na day or bigo sa pag-ibig hehe nag hubog kay gi biyaan? hehe balik nko sakong blog day si john pud mas ok pani kay sa facebook chakahan man ko oi. inig naa nko ilang john ipang update nko and blog myspace og facebook then maka check napud ko everyday dri sa imong mga 3 ka blog hay daghana nimog site day oi. hehe

Spices of Life 26 June, 2010 14:21  

@Myti: hehehe... lagi day mau pud akong gibati atong panghitabua.. basin ug nabigu sa pag-ibig maong nagwild...kana jud day aron always nata naay contact...sige lang gud oi.. para makapangita ko masking gagmay ra gud..ikaw jud ba..

Angela Camardi 30 June, 2010 03:18  

Playground equipment is one of the great joys of childhood! Playgrounds equipment can offer your child enjoyment, fresh air, and exercise, but they can also pose some safety hazards.

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Lifespan Swing Sets 26 May, 2011 23:33  

It will be amazing to have some innovative and modern-designed Playground Swing Sets in your yard. Playground equipments are the best choice for children to enjoy outdoor activities and have a good fun.

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