14 December 2009

Give a surprise Call

For my brother on his very special day which is his birthday would be a great idea. He might thought that I'm just sending him a message via sms today. But not today, using a great discount and deals with the help of cheap Calling Cards nowadays would give his birthday even more exciting.

He is my baby brother, and the only baby brother I have because obviously I'm the 5th child on the family and his the 6th child. My older sister reminded me that they went to this camping with his fellow co worker and had so much fun out there. And as I was thinking it would be a great surprise for him, if I will call him too.

I miss his voice too and talking over the phone without interruption using great and affordable callings cards now would not give me headaches even if I talk to him for over an hour. I can limit my minutes and buy another card once I'm calling my family way back home.

2 loves my post:

Jag 14 December, 2009 23:48  

Gotta buy that calling card too hehe...

Nisha 17 December, 2009 00:24  

yeah Nova.. its true how much a call makes a better idea than just a sms.. and these cards really help :-)

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