17 December 2009

Should I pick it?

Soon enough, a new member of the family is coming and live with us. We must have extra beds and before that happens we must have at least an options to pick weather to have wood or rather a metal beds. You see, there are so many options when you choose metal beds, they will last forever and aside from that it would be better choice for our incoming baby. I mean it is not that we are going to use that now, of course we would rather think of the future than be procrastinate it later right? I am sure that if it is you mommy's you would do the same thing. I would, I'm even excited and knowing that they don't have those plain metal beds now. You could actually find nice design and modern one that your kid would love and treasure.

That reminds me of my brothers double deck beds. My parents got them those and until now the bed is still working until we end up giving it to a relative who could use it more than we do. So I just can't wait for these at all. What do you think? Should I pick it?

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