10 August 2010

Cantaloupe Juice and a coffee

One of my favorite juice that is a homemade. I like cantaloupe so bad since I don't have the scrapper  I decided to just cut them into a small squares put water in a pitcher and then add sugar. 

For best result, better drink them on the next day because you can really taste the cantaloupe juice in the one that I made. 

And for some reason, my partner never likes it at all. I enjoy the whole pitcher for myself.

I was also browsing online one drink that I enjoy is coffee. I want to try the different kind and I might be able to Buy Coffee Online. It will be easiest, convenient for me and for others who can't go out because they don't have a car where they can drive into. I love the gourmet and thank goodness I will have it soon now that you can actually buy one online.

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Marvz18 18 August, 2010 21:33  

looks refreshing...
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NovaS 25 August, 2010 15:34  

thanks for the visit...

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