13 April 2010

I Resigned

I have been mentioning that I will be quitting my job right after I give birth. Well that didn't happen right away, because I must submit a 2 weeks notice for a formal and professional manner on leaving your employer. One of the good thing that we did professionally. So for that 2 weeks notice I only worked for at least 6 days. At first I requested for cut of hours and only night shift til 9pm but due to business needs they can't accept my request. I asked for Monday, Tuesday and Saturday shift and right away they gave it to me. The question is, when I am at work earning, who is going to watch the baby? One main question, my in laws offered to watched him and I'm very much overwhelmed of the support they give. But I do know that they have their own lives and family to attend too. I just don't want to asked them always to watch for my own kid whereas I can watch it on my own. 

I do know that it is way too difficult here especially when you don't have your own family to be there for you because they were just 9 thousand miles away from you. So I made a big decision and leave the working place to raise my son on my own.

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Yen 14 April, 2010 12:21  

Good decision Ate. I salute you for that, Money is not everything but your own flesh and blood "chaos" is your everything. NO amount of money can give you happiness the way your son can give you and your hubby:-) Happy for you

Spices of Life 18 April, 2010 15:36  

@yen: true, and thanks for the warm comfort...

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