07 April 2010

ALL Gone

We all know that Mr. G has updated its pagerank again. And sad to say that I am one of those people's blog who were affected by the updates. I lose it and I don't know what else to do to get it back. I did my best to post unique entry and I do know that I am luck of encouragement to other bloggers to hop in my blog. My fault for the lose of the important thing that brings you more opportunity to earn income online.

Enough for blaming myself and my lack of participation to gain and maintain that pagerank. What else I can do? when they took it away is to make sure that I gain it back. I have to make sure to update as often as I can and encourage other people to visit my page. 

What about you? Have you got a good news from Mr. G?

2 loves my post:

Yen 11 April, 2010 09:22  

Don't worry you can get it back soon ate, I do believe kasi your post are of quality and you have lots of faithful visitors here, and i'm one of them.

Ate my rank steps up to 4 before i was 3. good news for me. I owe it to you for all your advice and visits.:-)

Spices of Life 18 April, 2010 15:38  

@yen: I know dear, i guess i have to gain back the visits and i don't see much exchange links here as you do... well see about it.. having too many blogs won't cater all of them

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