10 July 2008


well, i just want to share.. hmm. I'm not sad but I'm not happy. So soon I will be receiving my 15 days salary. For your knowledge, both my mom and dad has no more sources of income and so, I carry all the obligation to settle the bills such as electricity, water and tuition of my younger bro. also, i am expected to give something for our daily needs. In short, I don't have any chance to buy something for myself. It's okay though..at least, I was able to help my parents and we're happy.
I can't deny though that something inside me makes me feel that I'm not satisfied. Maybe because I work so hard, i work overtime but I don't see anything for myself..i think I should treat myself sometimes, right? I mean, you know, new stuff to motivate you to work more.. do you get what i mean? hmm.ooOOooh. I know this is just temporary.. hope so.

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Nova 16 July, 2008 16:55  

i definitely understand what you mean, try to treat urself too...

by the time nga mapermanent naka.. you will be enjoying some benefits of the company for now kay probationary paman ka.. try to have patient tapos budget...

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