23 July 2008

a busy day.

after having my free work day for the past few days, this day is very loaded. hmm. i can't even comb my hair, apply powder on my face, etc. guess what, I've changed my shirt because i feel so geeee! So hot outside and when i get back that's how i feel.

now, feeling better. i just hope i can cope with this tiring day.

i never enjoyed my lunch break. friends came here and disturb me.. hehe. one asked me to answer her accounting assignment. it requires journalizing, t-account and must be footed, and trial balance. hmm.. for 10 minutes believe it or not, i was able to balance the case. she was so impressed.. honestly, i was surprised and impressed too. hehe... i can't believe i could still remember my lessons way back 2005.

for sure, she'll be asking more time for me to answer her assignment. tsk tsk.
thats all for now.. :)

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