14 July 2008

TirEd, I am..

hey fellas! missing you.. :) us usual busy with my work. I'm so sorry for sending my reply late. well, again, thanks for those who visit my page and leave something to read on.
Right now, I'm really suffering headache. I'm in the office and not busy unlike this past few days since my boss is on leave however, she still ask me to go out to do something. yeah! It's okay though..its just that, IT's SO HOT OUTSIDE! My skin is almost burning.. really. wheew! nyways, I'm happy because I've helped my boss and that's it.. I hope she'll be here tomorrow. i missed her.hehe!

hmm...I hope i will feel better soon also. I really hate this feeling.. I'm weak and tired. :(

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JeFf & NoVa 16 July, 2008 16:57  

i can see what i have been through to you my dear, patient and love of work is what you really need..

that's really work, sometimes you become her personal secretary, i'm sure you'll get used to it, and if you think that your angels knows more about that? u can do asking them to go out instead of you leaving the office.. that's one tip, if you need more .. dont hesitate to contact me...

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