21 July 2008

bad yah..

whoooo again not busy here! My boss is on leave this morning and she left nothing to do. I'm sleepy but impossible for me to sleep here. hehe. So, I'm gonna update my profile and write something for you guys.

well, this past few days had been an ordinary days for me. Nothing new.. I have nothing to think of and I have nothing to finished.. Theres one thing i missed most. Oh my, I've never visited the church for a long time. I'm guilty, yeah I am.. so embarrassing because despite what I've got, I failed to remember him. I'm praying though, its just that the effort of going to church, light a candle , say a prayer was never been in my mind. I'm bad, I know.. not yet late, i believe.

After my work, I will surely go to church and pray.. that's a promise. Theres so much to thanked for.. I adore him and I praise him. I owe him everything I have and had..

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Pinay WAHM 22 July, 2008 09:58  

Hi April...

Salamat sa hop. I've been busy lately so hindi ako ganong nakaka hop.

I hope all's well with you.

Mommy J

JeFf & NoVa 25 July, 2008 19:33  

and guess what dear, your not alone, i've been here and since i never went to the church ever and i felt so guilty about it. what i did? i watched mass on the tv and hoping that i will start praying rosary during wednesday as we always did that when i was there...

now who's been more guilty here? hahaha.. probably kita duha

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