13 July 2008

I'm pretty bored here

I'm at work now yet I don't have anything to do here. My boss is traveling now to Marbel for a meeting. She never left anything to do that's why I'm free. hmm. It's pretty boring here and I can feel a bit, just a little bit guilt since I'm still paid for this day yet I don't do anything..

I have thought of doing something but theres nothing I could think of.. I have done the filing, changing the slips folders, and checking the Comfort room, my table is clean, hmm.. if theres something we could do to get it better.. still, i found none.And so, I was able to update this blog home of mine. I just hope this will really work. I sometimes feel bored but every time I post something in here, I feel more comfortable and free.

I'm free now. Tomorrow will never be.. so can't visit here tomorrow cause i will surely be very busy. toinks! :)

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